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Last updated: June 17, 2019

3 Timesaving Hair Cheats From Celebrity Stylist @hairbyadir

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There’s nothing we love more than helping you save time and make more money behind the chair, and that’s why we’re dishing out three short-and-sweet styling cheats from a red carpet legend. Celeb stylist and Virtue®️ Labs Creative Director Adir Abergel—known for creating the most iconic hairstyles on Hollywood’s biggest stars—spent the day at The BTC House to bring you tips that will improve life in the salon, so check them all out below!


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1. Adir’s Sponge Trick For Sleek Texture

Here’s a mess-free, timesaver for quickly slicking back hair: Apply Virtue®️ Uplifted Volumizing Whip to a sponge (yes, a kitchen sponge!) and saturate. Using the sponge, apply the product directly to the hair—this will smooth any flyaways and direct hair away from the face. Then, comb through. To secure the style, apply Virtue®️ Finale Shaping Spray from roots to mids, and use a diffuser around the face frame.


2. Blowout “Roller Set” Cheat

Instead of the traditional roller set, Adir uses multiple round brushes to set his blowouts by creating a roller brush set—a technique from the ’70s. After blow-drying each section, pin the round brush in place and let the hair cool. “This allows you to have the full amount of volume you’re looking for,” he shares.


Pro Tip: Each section should be the same size as the brush. Adir recommends using a brush that has a combination of nylon and natural boar bristles. The nylon will create grip and the natural bristles will add shine to the blowout.


Get the technique & watch the full video how-to HERE!


3. The Secret To Style Longevity

Adir’s secret to creating a long-lasting, full-bodied style—from before the red carpet until after the after party—is building a strong foundation BEFORE the blowout. Here’s how: Apply conditioner from the mids to ends to avoid buildup at the root that will weigh the hair down. Adir recommends only washing with lightweight products like Virtue®️ Full Volume Shampoo & Conditioner.



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