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Last updated: April 04, 2022

Add This Weightless Gloss To Every Service

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Add-on treatments can be tough to sell when they’re not made for every client. Hair masks or conditioning treatments can be great, but don’t always work for our fine-haired, color or special event clients! Offer them the add-on they really want—find out how to recommend an ultra-shine treatment for every client.


What Makes It So Versatile?

The magic is really in the water-like consistency. Davines OI Liquid Luster is an instant ultra-shine softening treatment that is completely weightless. The treatment adds shine and seals the hair’s cuticle without adding weight, color or residues to the hair. 


Josie Sanchez (@josieloveshair) co-owner and stylist at Broome Street Society in NYC says the high shine and luxe luster from the treatment is exactly what clients look for. “Clients always want their hair to be as shiny as possible. It’s the elevated factor that makes them feel like they got a great service.”


Application of OI Liquid Luster is simple and done at the bowl right after shampooing. The instant treatment works on all hair types and is safe to use after any chemical, color or regular maintenance appointment.


How Do I Offer This To Clients?

Take your pick! Read through these tips with some delivery verbiage to try out to make an extra $30 to 50 on every client without added time and effort. 


1. Color Clients 

It can be daunting to add products that require activators on top of fresh color if you just want to add luster and shine. OI Liquid Luster is a great add-on after a color service (blondies included) for super high shine without any pigment or peroxide. 


After shampooing out color, towel dry in the bowl and apply 20 to 40ml  (depending on density) of OI Liquid Luster from roots to ends. That’s it! No waiting or process time needed. 


Pro Tip: Give your clients a scalp massage while the OI Liquid Luster is on their hair. Clients will associate the mega-shine results with that relaxing massage and come back for more.



2. Blowout Clients 

Our salon regulars (like blowout clients) typically have an appointment time frame they’re used to. Recommending treatments that don’t require extra time but give instant results can be an easy sell—especially if they don’t typically care for appointment add-ons. The classic blowout is back on our clients’ request lists—and Vicki O’Connor (@hairbyvickioconnor), a stylist at Reverie Salon in Chicago, shares that her books have been filling up with blowout services. So, offering an add-on treatment is a fast way to elevate the client experience.


Try this on your next client:

“I have a new glossing product I can apply after your shampoo that rinses out immediately. It will seal your flyaways down and add beautiful shine without looking oily, I’ve been using it on almost everyone. I can offer intro pricing if you want to try it on your blowout today!” 


Don’t you think your clients would LOVE this shine with their blowout?


Looking to elevate your client’s salon experience? See what Davines has to offer in your area!


3. Curly AND Fine-Hair Clients

When you’re working with both ends of the texture spectrum, a catch-all add-on can save you time and money. Here are a couple selling points you can use on your clients who struggle with using typical conditioning treatments or mask add-ons.


Curly Clients:

  • Instant shine without chemical treatments
  • No product build-up or residue 
  • Layering friendly (you’ll see the shine through your other products!)
  • Adds a sheen of definition to curls and coils
  • Seals hair’s cuticle for frizz-free curls 


Fine-Hair Clients:

  • Completely weightless
  • No product build-up, residue or layers added to hair
  • Water-like consistency will not make hair greasy
  • Seals hair’s cuticle to tame flyaways after blow-drying 


4. Special Event Clients

There’s always a struggle of wanting your client to have shiny, smooth hair without risking product build-up weighing down their strands. OI Liquid Luster is completely weightless and will add no time to shampoo in the salon or at home. 


Your clients will thank you when their photos come back with a perfect, healthy sheen on their hair. Not to mention—this product is perfect for those clients who “hate the feeling of product”. Using Liquid Luster before a special event style can avoid using any extra sprays or smoothing pomades for happy clients (and stylists)!


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Hair by @hairbyvickioconnor on BTC’s very own @chrissylan


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