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Last updated: December 16, 2019

4 Add-On Services That Will Make You More Money

Gina Bianca Charge For Curls Add On Service Business Tips To Make More Money
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Boost Biz: Add These 4 Services To Your Clients’ Tickets
Are you losing money behind the chair? If you’re not adding quick moneymakin’ services to every ticket, then you’re missing out on major dollars and a better biz plan. Repeat after us: Add-on services ADD UP 🙌 That’s why we asked four boss babes to break down their fave services—from face-framing quickie-lights to curls (yes, curls!) and everything in between. Scroll through and be awakened by these new opportunities!



1. The Gloss & Treat Duo—Make $30,000 More LIKE THAT!
At Gina Bianca’s (@iamginabianca) salon, the add-on best sellers are glosses and conditioning treatments, aka color insurance. “Every colorist should be glossing and treating to ensure healthy long-lasting results,” shares Gina. Don’t just slap it on, but treat it like the service it is! Gina always lets a gloss process for 20 minutes and will use the Joico Defy Damage Masque to create a barrier so the hair doesn’t over-process.


“Since ‘average ticket’ is one of the top ways to grow your business it can certainly make a huge impact,” shares Gina. “Adding $40 to every gloss ticket seeing only four guests a day for five days a week can increase your average earnings by $30,000!”


Instagram via @iamginabianca


2. Face-Framing Highlights Between Balayage Sessions
Clients love balayage because of the gradual grow-out process, but don’t let this mean less time in your chair! Jenn Malone (@jmalonehair) offers face-framing highlights between appointments to keep clients coming in, and their color looking bright.


“It allows the client to go 6 to 8 months longer between the ‘big’ appointments,” shares Jenn. “Usually I will incorporate a toner refresh with Redken Shades EQ gloss and a conditioning treatment. I charge anywhere from $120 to 175 depending on what we do. Clients are loving it and it keeps them in my chair!”


Hit REFRESH on your client’s color & your bank statement!

Jenn Malone Face Framing Highlights Add On Salon Service Business Tips
Instagram via @jmalonehair


3. Mix & Match Custom Treatments
“One of the first things I ask is how their hair feels from the last service,” shares Grace Joo (@colorwithgrace). “If they feel dry and brittle, I tell them it’s good to get an in-salon treatment at least every other service to keep it healthy.” She then formulates totally custom treatments based off their ‘hair diagnosis’ with the TIGI® Copyright Custom Care™ System and determines the pricing by the original service.


“I recommend a treatment if they’re coming in for just a toner,” adds Grace. “But if they come in for a five to seven-hour balayage service, then I usually add the treatment with the service. A standalone treatment is $50 and an add-on to a haircut is an extra $25.”


THIS is the difference between “I like it!” and CLIENT RETENTION.

3 Business Tips To Increase Salon Add On Treatments And Services @emilyandersonstyling @colorwithgrace TIGI Copyright Custom Care SOS
Instagram via @colorwithgrace


4. Curls (Yes, Curls Are EXTRA!)
When we posted this styling price breakdown (see pic below!) from Gina, it went VIRAL and many stylists had the A-HA moment that would change what they consider ‘included’ for good. “I get roasted by some people whenever I mention a curl add-on,” shares Gina. “I do charge for every service performed, even the curls. If you want to be a free curl stylist that’s completely OK, however I recommend adjusting your haircut price to including curling and make up for that 15 minutes of extra time.”


See the breakdown & TAP to see how this could impact your RETIREMENT!