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Last updated: September 05, 2023

PSA: Wear This Bleach-Resistant Streetwear To The Salon

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Photo Credit: Instagram via @beautexdesigns

This Bleach-Proof Salon Wear Line Prevents Textile Waste

If you find yourself constantly throwing out stained, damaged work outfits (aka every piece of black clothing you own), BeauTex Designs founder Brooke Jones has a solution for you. This up-and-coming salon wear brand does it all, offering stylists comfortable, on-trend workwear that’s sustainably and ethically produced. (Did we mention that every piece is bleach resistant, hair repellent and made from recycled plastic bottles?) 


Keep scrolling to learn more about BeauTex’s journey and mission—and how this all-in-one solution can save you money, cut down waste and transform your experience behind the chair.


BeauTex takes stylists straight from the salon to downtown—just add heels!

Photo Credit: Instagram via @beautexdesigns


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Bleach-proof clothes save stylists time & money as long-lasting closet staples.

One of the benefits of BeauTex’s salon wear? The amount of money it saves through high-end craftsmanship and cost per wear. Instead of having to constantly spend money on new batches of cheaper (bleach-damaged) workwear that ends up in landfills, stylists can invest in bleach-resistant wardrobe staples from BeauTex that last forever.


“BeauTex actually does save stylists money in the long run because they are investing their hard-earned money into a garment that’s going to last forever as opposed to a few months,” Brooke says. “Our community isn’t into fast fashion. We want reliable pieces that we can reuse again and again.”


These functional, long-lasting styles can be mixed or matched in-tune with the stylists’ individual tastes. Plus, in support of slow fashion, stylists are still able to order their favorite styles when they’re sold out by making a 50 percent deposit toward their on-demand outfit.


Customize your BeauTex order to promote your salon:

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BeauTex’s unique styles are designed for the nonconformist.

As a proud “anti-uniform” company, BeauTex promotes individual self-expression through elevated salon wear crafted from fashionable streetwear designs. Shirt dresses? YES! Button-ups and tunics? Absolutely! And don’t even get us started on the blazers and harem pants. Wherever you are, BeauTex will take you there.


BeauTex really is workwear disguised as streetwear, offering the ultimate workwear wardrobe capsule for the modern urban worker,” Brooke says. “Our community really says no to fast fashion and yes to conscious designs that they can reuse instead of throw away.”


BeauTex offers timeless, size-inclusive styles for all:

Photo Credit: Instagram via @beautexdesigns


BeauTex’s sustainable blend both removes & prevents waste.

BeauTex’s universal recipe consists of repurposed fishing net and recycled plastic bottles that create a bleach-proof, environmentally-friendly fabric blend that feels like regular cotton.


Other benefits of this protective, stylish clothing include:


  • Cooling technology
  • Quick drying technology
  • Anti-crease fabrication
  • Comfort-optimizing four-way stretch
  • Long-lasting material that saves stylists money in the long run


But that’s just one side of the coin. Not only does BeauTex apparel prevent waste as a long-lasting, irreplaceable asset, but it also removes waste by turning raw materials from landfills into durable clothing.


Take a look at these stats:


  • 2.2 million plastic bottles from landfills creates 100,000 capes
  • 400,000 plastic bottles from landfills (aka 81 tons of carbon emissions—which is about 205,052 miles of car travel!) creates 100,000 towels
  • The use of RPET (recycled polyester) rather than virgin (new) polyester slashes carbon emissions by 3,000 tons.


Every piece of BeauTex workwear removes plastic waste from the planet AND prevents more waste from ending up in landfills:

Photo Credit: Instagram via @beautexdesigns


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From start to finish, BeauTex’s supply chain is sustainable & ethical.

To put it lightly, the textile industry is known for unsavory means of production that puts workers and the environment at risk. In order for BeauTex to fulfill Brooke’s vision, the company needed to reject those norms down to its very core.


“People are becoming more conscious about where their products come from. When they look at a shirt, they’re now asking, ‘How was it made?'” she explains. “We take our commitment to sustainability very seriously. All of our raw materials meet global recycled standards and are accredited. We know exactly where our materials come
from and how our garments are made.”


Here’s a glimpse into BeauTex’s supply chain:


  1. Plastic bottles are sent to a recycling plant, then transferred to a specialized factory. 
  2. The bottles are transformed into pellets and cleansed with a closed loop water system that prevents water waste.
  3. Ocean bound fishing net is repurposed and combined with recycled plastic pellets and recycled polyester into standard environmental yarn.
  4. Fabric rolls are formed and dyed using eco-friendly OEKO-TEX®-certified dyes.
  5. Garments are constructed via selective partners in smaller micro factories supporting local families and sewers in Indonesia and Taiwan. (In other words, BeauTex knows exactly where the clothes were made and who made them.)


BeauTex supports ethical manufacturing, ensuring workers are treated fairly and paid correctlyand that customers know exactly where their clothing comes from.

Photo Credit: Instagram via @beautexdesigns


Even now, BeauTex’s mission is constantly evolving.

While BeauTex has already come far as a salon wear brand, Brooke stresses that there is still far to go. “Workwear is a major player in pollution and environmental damage,” she explains. “Policies alone don’t create change. People’s actions make the change happen. We’re on a mission to ignite that one product, one industry, one brand at a time.”


So what’s next for BeauTex? New products—hairdressing capes, towels and aprons made from recycled plastic bottlesare on the way. “This will help not only stylists, but brands in the industry as well. We have done the hard work for them in sourcing and creating these eco-friendly products,” Brooke says. “We’re so excited about what’s possible when we all choose to be sustainable and work together.”


BeauTex continues to make strides toward increased sustainability—such as using offcuts in their clothing!

Photo Credit: Instagram via @beautexdesigns


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