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Last updated: June 17, 2022

How To Bleach Curls Without Damage

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Curly Clients: 5 Tips For Healthy Blondes

Curly clients are often scared of bleach—for a reason. Show your curly clients that you know how to keep their curls healthy and intact with these tips from curl pros. We’re covering how to avoid bleach damage, formulating tips, how to keep curls hydrated and how to keep haircolor from fading!


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1. Establish realistic goals 

Avoid disappointment by explaining to your client what their hair can handle BEFORE applying lightener. Inspo pics are great for getting an idea of what they want, but make sure they understand the process to get there. 


“There is no point in achieving the tone they want if they walk away with a ton of damage,” explains curl expert Christin Brown (@curlfactor). “That’s why I always talk to them about if their inspo picture is achievable before we start lightening.” 


Lighten curls in stages, explain that over processing could result in damage. Pintura highlights are perfect for adding pops of brightness to get started. Instagram via @curlfactor


2. Protect clients’ curl pattern with these formulation tips


  • Use the “Low + Slow” lightening method: Using a high developer to lighten curls FAST may seem like a good idea, but over-processing can ruin the client’s curl pattern, cause frizz and even breakage. “My go-to lightener is the Flash Lift Bonder Inside from Redken, never mixing with a developer over 20-volume, because the lightener is formulated with a bond builder,” explains BTC Team Member Jamal Edmonds (@lamajbackwards).  


Pro Tip: Lightened curls can be porous, so Jamal tones with Redken Shades EQ because it has an acidic formula, allowing for a more gently deposit. Instagram via @lamajbackwards




3. Schedule regular treatments

Hydrating curls is important for healthy, defined hair but especially after and in between lightening services. So BTC Team Member Kelley Brandon (@kelleyscanvas) recommends her color clients come in every six to eight weeks for regular treatments. She uses the K18 Hair Leave-In Molecular Repair Mask because it hydrates and strengthens the hair. 


Pro Tip: Send clients home with the K18 Hair Leave-In Repair Mask for mini treatments at home! Instagram via @kelleyscanvas


4. Avoid fast fading color with products + accessories 

Swimming and sun are essential summer activities, but can also speed up the fading process. Send clients home with these tips to help keep their color bright and vibrant longer!


  • “Avoid swimming for 48 hours after your appointment.” NYC-based curl specialist Nicolle Lemonds (@nicollelovescurls) recommends her clients wait before jumping in a pool. “Chlorine is extremely drying but can also alter your color results,” she explains. 


  • “Wear a hat in the sun.” Nicolle also advises her clients to cover their hair when poolside or at the beach. “If they will be in the sun for more than a couple of hours, definitely wear a hat or scarf to avoid speeding up the fading process,” she adds. 


  • “Use a leave-in conditioner with UV protection.” Protect and hydrate the hair with the MIZANI Miracle Milk 25. “It’s great for all hair types and texture and it has UV protection, perfect for protecting the hair against summer heat,” Jamal explains. 


Instagram via @nicollelovescurls


5. Don’t skip trims

If curly clients are trying to grow their hair or maintain length, trimming off dead ends is a MUST—especially if they are going blonde. “Avoid dead ends as much as possible, they are the most likely to break off or frizz when lightening,” explains celebrity stylist Drika Nikole (@stylesbydrik). Recommend they schedule haircuts regularly.


Pro Tip: Add A Treatment Service To Your Ticket. Tell clients that adding an in-salon treatment, like Olaplex’s new backbar service: 4-in-1 Moisture Mask, will give their curls a moisture boost that lasts between services.