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Last updated: August 02, 2018

Curly Hair Cutting & Styling: 5 Things To Remember

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Curly Hair Cutting & Styling: 5 Things To Remember

Cutting and styling naturally curly hair can intimidate even the most seasoned stylist, but don’t be scared—we have the top four tips you need to keep your curly clients on point, straight from two-time #ONESHOT nominee, Sexy Hair International Master Artist Dawn Atkinson. Keep reading for her pro tips!


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1. Careful Consultation + Analysis

The consultation is ALWAYS everything, but it’s even more true for curly clients. “Ask them what they love about their shape, followed by what challenges they may have,” Dawn says. “It’s important to create a shape that grows out well.” Two tips from Dawn:


  • Ask the client to come in with her hair styled the way she does it daily.
  • Wash her hair before cutting to analyze how much the hair shrinks and how the curl pattern changes from wet to dry.


Instagram via @hairartistrybydawn


2. Wet Cutting

Dawn cuts curls while wet, because dry-cutting curls requires combing them, which changes the curl pattern. Curly hair typically needs internal layering to create bounce and prevent the dreaded triangle as it grows out. “Avoid using a razor, as this will cut the ends to too fine of a taper, allowing the ends to appear frayed or frizzy,” Dawn says.



3. Control + Definition With Products

First, control the curl by smoothing the cuticle, then enhance the curl. Here’s what Dawn recommends:

  • Apply Curly Sexy Hair Curling Crème Moisturizing Control Creme from scalp to ends on wet hair.
  • Follow with Curly Sexy Hair Ultra Curl Curl Support Styling Crème-Gel.
  • Diffuse with low-medium level of airflow and medium-high level of heat to dry quickly without blowing out the cuticle and disrupting the curl pattern.


Before and after scrunching Curly Sexy Hair Curl Recover Curl Reviving Spray into the hair. Instagram via @brookwiththesexyhair


4. Maintain Curl Health

Dawn recommends curly-haired clients try to wash their hair every other day to avoid over-drying the hair with heat styling. To revive limp curls, this is what she teaches clients:

  • Flip the head over and apply Curly Sexy Hair Curl Recover Curl Reviving Spray from mids to ends.
  • Scrunch the product in to reactivate curls.
  • This technique works on waves, too—Curl Recover is designed to add shape, definition and bounce to any level of waves or curls.


5. Avoid This #1 Mistake

High airflow from the blow dryer will create frizz! Teach curly clients that a diffuser plus lower airflow is her best friend. For very tight curls, Dawn recommends using the same products but allowing hair to air-dry.

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