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Last updated: June 24, 2022

Curl Care: 5 Common Curl Problems & Solutions

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Photo Credit: Instagram via @haircolorkilla

5 Ways to Care For Curly Clients

It’s hot curl summer and we’re here—along with #ONESHOT winner and BTC Team Member Kara Williams (@haircolorkilla)—to give you everything you need (products included) to keep curls healthy, hydrated and bouncy during the hot, summer months. 


Keep scrolling for five curly client problems and Kara’s simple solutions for each. 


Curl Problem #1: Dull, lifeless locks

Solution: Offer a fast-acting mask 

Avoiding brittle curls is a year-long routine, but hot summer months can turn bouncy volume to dull and flat FAST! So Kara grabs flash instant shine mask from amika. “The flash instant shine mask gives dull, dry lifeless curls high shine,” she explains. 


Always ask a client what they think their hair needs before suggesting a treatment, Kara explains. Not only is it the perfect time to get them thinking about retail, but it also builds trust between stylist and client. 


Kara’s rule for treatments:
Styling Appts: Deep conditioning every visit.
Color/Cut Appts: Specialize an at-home routine to keep hair healthy between visits. Photo Credit: Instagram via @haircolorkilla


Curly clients need products? Stock your retail shelves here!


Curl Problem #2: Hair isn’t strong enough for a color service 

Solution: Prep and protect before and after with this treatment 

Uneven lift, spotty toners and nonexistent shine are all results of a color application on damaged hair. To keep curls healthy before and after a color service, Kara grabs amika the kure shampoo and treatment


“The kure bond repair shampoo and treatment not only hydrates super dry hair, but also brings their hair back to life by repairing and protecting against future breakage,” Kara explains. 


For blondes that just a need a refresh, Kara applies the bust your brass mask. Slide to see the before and after!

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Curl Problem #3: Dry, crispy ends

Solution: Don’t skip trims 

Whether they’re working out more or just spending their days in the sun, summer months typically call for a bump in a client’s shampoo schedule. Which can lead to a bump in split ends. Regular trims are essential for keeping hair healthy and growing, but Kara doesn’t stop there. She offers a one-two service punch: A quick trim and hydrating treatment.


“The soulfood mask from amika is quickly becoming my favorite for nourishing thirsty stands and keeping hair soft and supple. The mask and a good trim hit the spot,” she explains. 


Products Used


Curl Problem #4: Prepping curls for a protective style

Solution: Strengthen and nourish curls 

OK so this isn’t a problem—but it can be. When Kara’s client expressed she wanted to transition into a loc hairstyle, she knew hydrating the client’s natural hair was KEY.  


“Making sure the hair is in its best condition will help her have a successful journey with healthy hair and flourishing locs,” Kara explained. “Conditioner can interfere with the locking process, so the client may go up to a year without it. I knew I definitely had to give her a nourishing deep conditioner. The soulfood mask nourished and strengthened her fine strands perfectly,” she adds. 


Curl Problem #5: Excessive heat damage 

Solution: Upgrade your blowout service 

“The better the blowout, the less heat,” advises Kara. Excessive heat damage can cause curls to break and lose their natural pattern. For curly clients requesting a smooth style, Kara avoids damaging curls by focusing on the blowout—not the flat iron. 


Instead of using a round brush to create volume and smoothness, Kara grabs the double agent 2-in-1 blow dryer + straightening brush from amika. “I especially love it for my fine-haired clients,” she explains. “It’s perfect for creating smooth, shiny strands so I don’t rely heavily on a flat iron. This way, my clients won’t have to worry about damaged curls come wash day,” she adds.


Slide for an in-process shot and the finished look!

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