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Last updated: December 18, 2023

Curly Consultation & Haircutting: Watch The Full Tutorial!

Do You Dry Cut Curly Hair? Here’s Why You Should

Need to freshen up your curly-cutting skills? Get ready for a step-by-step tutorial from Ulta Beauty District Educator Dennise Rosado Ramirez (@denniseramirezartistryllc) on how to cut hair with different curl patterns—plus, you will learn how to gently separate sections without disrupting curl patterns and why you should dry cut curly clients.


Check out the before and after below and CLICK HERE to watch the full tutorial!

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4 Key Takeaways: 

1. For clients that haven’t had a haircut in a while: Dennise’s client had been without a haircut for two years, so it was important for her to be considerate of unevenness that developed in the perimeter.


2. Cut the hair dry: Dennise’s client had multiple curl patterns (3C to 4A) with different shrinkage levels. Because of this, she needed to be mindful only to take off hair where the client wants weight removed. “Dry cutting allows you to really see where the hair is going to live and it makes [the process] more intentional,” she explains. When wet, the hair stretches longer and won’t show a true representation of how it will sit dry.


3. Try a condensed cutting method: Slightly stretch the hair and gently use your fingers to break up the clumps before cutting the perimeter. This ensures you won’t disrupt the curl pattern but reveal the ends that need to be removed. “Her density expands versus collapsing, so I just want to go through and see where the ends get thinner,” Dennise explains. Pro Tip: Practice these techniques on mannequins with different textures! 

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4. Don’t use a comb: This can be painful for curly clients. Instead, Dennise will gently separate her sections with a clip or the side of her closed shears by lightly pulling them through to release the hair. “If I try to disrupt that curl pattern too much, I can’t see where those clusters are and I want the hair to be in its natural fall, letting me see where I really need to remove,” she explains.


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