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Last updated: August 31, 2017

4 Tips For Keeping Up With Curls

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When it comes styling and managing curly hair, clients are usually in need of some assistance. So, we caught four tips from Moroccanoil® Artistic Director Kevin Hughes that you and your clients won’t want to miss. Here’s his take on all things curl-related, from the best ingredients and washing regimens to creating smooth styles and dealing with humidity.


When It Comes To Ingredients

  • Know This: Curly-haired clients need products that are moisturizing to their strands.
  • Suggest This: Tell clients to look for products with ingredients like panthenol and jojoba.


When It Comes To Washing

  • Know This: How often clients wash their curls should depend on the thickness and type of hair they have.
  • Suggest This: For fine, curly locks, suggest that clients skip at least one to two days between shampoos. For thicker, coarse hair, clients can wait about four to seven days between washes.


When It Comes To Styling Smooth/Straight

  • Know This: Kevin says it’s super important to towel-blot the hair and let it air-dry as much as possible before attempting to straighten curly hair. It will take less time and less heat to get the desired results.
  • Suggest This: Have clients try Moroccanoil’s Heat Styling Protection and Blow-Dry Concentrate to keep curly strands healthy and to cut the drying time down.


When It comes To Humidity

  • Know This: When humidity hits the hair it creates a small amount of moisture that will sit on the strands, and when clients touch their hair or run their fingers through it, that moisture will spread.
  • Suggest This: Tell clients not to touch their hair, and explain that spreading moisture throughout hair strands in humidity can result in excess frizz. 


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