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Last updated: June 17, 2019

4 Things You Wish Your Curly-Haired Clients Knew

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Image courtesy of Joie Wallace.

You love when your curly-haired clients sit in your chair…but you know when they leave the salon, they might not be doing all the right things to take care of their curls. Need some help guiding them through their at-home regimen? We asked two textured hair pros—Matrix Artistic Director Michelle O’Connor (@michelleoconnorbeauty) and Curls and Waves #ONESHOT nominee Joie Wallace (@joiewallacehair) for their advice for curly-haired clients. Here’s what they wish their clients knew.



1. The Right Way to Diffuse.

There’s a common myth that a diffuser should be placed under the hair and directed upward. But you know this is the fastest way to create frizz. Here’s what your clients should do instead:


  • Start by placing the diffuser at the crown and blowing the hair down (in the direction of the cuticle) first.
  • Once the hair is about 80 percent dry, they can place the diffuser underneath to create more volume.
  • Remember: don’t over-dry the hair! This is another reason clients end up with frizz.


Image courtesy of Ouidad


2. They Shouldn’t Wash Their Hair Every Day.

Curly hair generally doesn’t get very oily because curl patterns make it harder for oil to travel down the hair shaft, which creates dryness in curly and wavy hair. So tell your curly-haired clients it’s not necessary to wash their curls every day.


3. Their Curls Need Moisture.

Since curls are prone to dryness, they need extra moisture. On her curly-haired clients, Joie always uses intense hydrating shampoos and co-washing shampoos like Kenra Professional’s Curl Co-Wash, then hydrates with a moisture conditioner, such as Kenra’s Curl Styling Conditioner.


“I advise when you apply product, the hair should still be pretty wet,” says Michelle. “Then I like to take a microfiber towel and squeeze it on the hair to release excess water.” Michelle recommends Matrix’s 3 Butter Control System—a shampoo, conditioner, mask and a day cream—to infuse moisture into hair.




4. Second (Or Third)-Day Curls Need to be Refreshed.

Sleeping on curls makes them flat—period. And while many of your clients may know about the pineapple method (loosely gathering hair in a scrunchie and placing it on top of their head), they might not know they also need to revive them the next day. Here are some ways to do this:


  • Use a refresher mist. Michelle recommends mixing a leave-in conditioner and water in a spray bottle and applying to second-day curls.
  • Joie uses the 3/8-inch Paul Mitchell Express Ion Mini Curling Iron to refresh curls and give certain areas more texture, lift and fullness.


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