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Last updated: March 03, 2022

3 Tips To Achieve Level 10 Blonde On Curls

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Read This Before You Lift Cropped Curls

Taking Level 1 or 2 hair up to platinum while preserving the curl pattern and the hair’s integrity is a challenge. But, you’re in luck! BTC Team Member and Salon Owner Tahirah Carter (@mrs_tahirah2) does it all the time in her salon and we pulled a few tips from her Instagram to help you along with the process.


Keep scrolling to get expert advice on the consultation process, why Level 10 doesn’t always mean platinum and why spacing out blonding sessions is best for the hair. Give your curly girls the best blonde of their life this summer!


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1. Lift In Two Sessions, Not One

Maintaining the integrity of the client’s hair should always be the number one priority. Since a lot of Tahirah’s clients wear their natural curls, she prefers to space out the lightening sessions to maintain their curl pattern. “I am no longer taking clients from black to high lift blonde with bleach in one day, [especially] with more than two inches of hair,” she remarks on her Instagram. “I have done [the] research and perfected a formula that will leave your curl pattern intact after bleaching.” 


That’s not to say she will NEVER lift a client in one appointment. “I will only take a client from dark to platinum in one session if her hair is very short. Normally I would do two or three sessions, depending on the length and density. Hair health, elasticity and longevity are my top priority.” To help keep the hair in perfect shape, Tahirah uses Redken Flash Lift Bonder Inside to achieve up to 8 levels of lift with either Redken Bleach Recovery or Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate systems post lift.


Note: The main difference between Bleach Recovery and Acidic Bonding Concentrate is that Bleach Recovery is designed specifically for color-treated hair, while Acidic Bonding Concentrate is to repair any type of hair damage.


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2. Level 10 Doesn’t Always Mean Platinum

Just because you’re lifting the hair to a level 9 or 10 doesn’t automatically mean platinum. “Everyone does not have to leave platinum. My client asked for platinum a few weeks ago, but wanted to try a warmer tone this time,” says Tahirah.


This is where client consultation comes into play. Make sure you ask your clients what their hair goals are before you get started to make sure they are in alignment with the client’s lifestyle and occupation. When toning Tahirah prefers to use Redken Shades EQ to achieve the desired tone of blonde.


Pro Tip: Be flexible and use multiple toners if one just isn’t cutting it. “[My] new client @loveazia_ wanted a bleach and tone, but had been previous colored… I had to use two different shades of toner, because the sides were more stubborn than the top.” 


3. Make Sure Your Clients Understand The Commitment

There’s no haircolor more high maintenance than blonde. It’s important to make sure the client is ready and willing to put in the time and money that comes with maintaining Level 10 or platinum hair.


One of Tahirah’s gray clients prefers her toner to match her gray for a seamless grow out. She comes into the salon for hair treatments and toner refreshes in between her lift and tone appointments. If the client isn’t willing to commit to the level of care needed to preserve their hair, suggest an alternative look that fits their lifestyle.


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