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Last updated: April 09, 2024

How To Achieve “Glass Hair”: Smart Hacks From Hairdressers

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Photo credit: Instagram via @colorbykriss

3 Ways To Achieve The Client Coveted “Glass Hair” From Stylists

Any corner of the beauty space has buzzed over everything glossy this year—glazed doughnut nails, glass skin, wet-looking hair, skin slugging, it never ends. 


To keep up with your client’s new obsession of healthy-looking hair, all you need is one add-on (which doubles as a HUGE retail opportunity) to create glass-like shine in the salon and at home. That’s it, no extra appointments or schedule changes. Just use our three tips below to get started.


#1. Swap Monthly Gloss Appointments With 1 Product

If your clients are not happy with their color vibrance because they won’t come in for a clear gloss every four weeks, hair color educator Krista Bartik (@colorbykriss) has the perfect retail opportunity.


Appointment consistency does not always work out, especially in today’s economy. To keep your client’s happy and your work shining, Krista says, “If I don’t gloss my guest with Redken Shades EQ™ 000 Crystal Clear, I send them home with Acidic Color Gloss: Activated Glass Gloss Treatment.”


  • At-home treatment for any color client (HELLO add-on)
  • Wait one week AFTER color appointment, then begin using weekly after shampoo and before conditioner 
  • Gloss protects color from fading due to everyday water and heat use
  • Pro Tip: Utilize this retail as a “swap” for a client’s clear gloss. Sending them home with a product to take care of their color will build trust and honesty within future appointments to retain clients. 


Check out Krista’s high-lift client skipping a gloss and going straight for ACG Activated Glass Gloss Treatment: 


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A post shared by KRISTA BARTIK| HAIR EDUCATION (@colorbykriss)


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Glass hair inspo using ACG via Redken’s IG (@redken):

Photo credit: Instagram via @denisesuzanne_


#2. Lock In Long-Lasting Styles Without Heavy Product

After a silk press and corrective cut, it is in your best interest to not overload the cuticle with everyday product. Hairsprays, shine sprays or oils can add high shine day-of, but have no longevity to withstand days of wear without drying out or weighing down a style.


To build a style that lasts for your client, try using a leave-in gloss treatment before blow-drying. This can replace a shine spray, heat protectant and serum in one. Silk press artist Adrienne Smith (@beautybyadriennerenee) uses Acidic Color Gloss Heat Protection Leave-In Treatment below on her client’s fresh silk press for lasting shine and treatment benefits. 


  • Up to 450 degree heat protection
  • Seals in color (new and existing) and locks in shine
  • Apply to damp hair as a leave-in treatment post-conditioner
  • Recommended regime: Shampoo, ACG Activated Glass Gloss Treatment, Conditioner, ACG Heat Protection Leave-In Treatment


Shine like this speaks for itself, watch Adrienne’s full process below: 


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A post shared by Adrienne Smith (@beautybyadriennerenee)


QUICK TIP: If you’re looking for an immediate boost on a haircut appointment, try this surface cutting and Acidic Color Gloss duo hack from Krista. 

  • At the end of a haircut appointment, rid your client’s entire head of split ends by surface cutting
  • Once finished, apply ACG Activated Glass Gloss Treatment after shampoo and before conditioning
  • Watch Krista’s go-to duo technique below:


Photo credit: Instagram via @colorbykriss


#3. Confidently Adding The Retail Convo Into A Consultation

“I know a lot of stylists avoid recommending products because they don’t want to seem pushy,” says Krista. “I was this stylist. BUT, our clients are billboards for us, it’s important for them to learn how to care for their color at home.”


Here’s some pointers to try now:

  • Talk about product casually, explain what you’re using and why
  • If talking about a system feels intimidating, choose one hero product from the service to recommend—this typically leads to further questions about products!
  • At the bowl, tell your client THEY can use the exact product in your hands within their at-home care
  • Educate them on the maintenance needed to make their color last for their satisfaction, not for their appointment frequency


Watch Krista breeze through a recommendation for the Redken Acidic Color Gloss line during a consultation: 


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A post shared by KRISTA BARTIK| HAIR EDUCATION (@colorbykriss)


Swap your current backbar or add to your Acidic Bonding Concentrate collection with Acidic Color Gloss!

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