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Last updated: December 22, 2021

Clients Complaining About Increased Prices? Send Them This!

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How To Explain (Or Not Explain) Your Prices To Clients 

Time, products and education are all factors in building your price list. So when clients question a price increase, it can be frustrating.


When stylist @blownawayby_kimberly shared a receipt from a recent supply run, she broke down the cost of salon-quality supplies—and it isn’t cheap ($700 total!). When we reposted it on BTC you guys had A LOT to say on the subject!


More and more stylists are being transparent online about pricing, while others are doubling down on why that’s not necessary. We went through the comments to see what your peers had to say. Scroll down to get the tea!


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High Quality Products Are Expensive

“This is my actual receipt and about what it costs me every time I go to the supply store,” remarked @blownawayby_kimberly on her almost $730 receipt. “Yes, it costs extra to work behind the chair using ‘the good stuff,’ but I want it to be my best work every time and that for me requires the best tools and color.”


Other stylists agreed, @keiro_hair commented that the reported amount is what it costs them for only two weeks worth of product. Another user, @rideordye_donna said, “I spent $100 at SalonCentric for two creative color clients, and no, there won’t be enough left over to do another [client]. ¼ of a tube left is not enough. So, it’s back to the supply store again.”


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Hair Trends Require More Education

Education is essential for stylists to stay up to date on trends and techniques, but that cost comes directly from their pocket. For example, @jessicascotthair called out new techniques as one of five major factors that go into her highlight pricing. The other four are time, products, experience and stylist demand. 


Plus, @saramay_level10 had this to say about modern highlight pricing on her Instagram. “[When highlighting,] it takes more work, in one appointment, to create an effortless result that requires less maintenance than [with] a traditional approach. [Which] saves [the client] money, because less maintenance is required.”


Watch @jessicascotthair explains why highlights aren’t $100 anymore!



Costs Have Increased Due To Inflation

Running a business isn’t cheap and rising costs due to inflation have affected the prices for salon owners and self-employed stylists. “People forget that most of us, ‘self-employed,’ have to not only cover supplies, [but also] monthly rent for a station, health insurance, dental, vision, as well as time for our labor,” says @sashimi_rollin17.


@hairnationcedar adds, “We’ve had to raise our prices, as well—first time in three years. [The] cost to run the business doubled.” Thinking of increasing your prices? Read this first!


@alishajaredhairartistry shared how much color she used on a client’s extensions & how it affects the service price.

Instagram via @alishajaredhairartistry


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Price Transparency Isn’t For Everyone

Though price transparency is trending, some stylists argue that they shouldn’t have to break down their prices to clients. “We have to spend money to make money,” says @melaniemellodoeshair. “Every professional does, however I really don’t need a breakdown from my doctor, dentist and esthetician. If I can’t afford it, I’d go elsewhere.” 


@lovemiriamg who caused a stir across social platforms last year over her silk press pricing content, where she broke down why a client’s hair cost $310 after a 4 HOUR session, just had this to say: “THE PRICE IS THE PRICE! Don’t ask me to break nothing down.” 


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