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Last updated: July 27, 2022

Know Your Worth: Pricing Silk Press & Blowout Services

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3 Things To Keep In Mind When Pricing Silk Press & Blowout Services

$310 for a silk press? For most, that number without context seems very high. But when hairstylist Miriam Gorham (@lovemiriamg) posted the facts on her Instagram: the state of the client’s hair, the full list of services provided and the four-hour total appointment time—it makes complete sense to her clientele.


Miriam’s detailed post went viral and sparked a heated debate between clients on whether the amount was fair, and none of them were wrong. Pricing is subjective, which is why stylists across price points stay booked and busy.


So how do you decide how to price silk press and blowout services? Keep scrolling for Miriam’s expert advice on how she breaks down her services for clients, why she charges hourly and how her pricing determines her clientele.




Check out Miriam’s viral post that sparked a huge debate over pricing:


Steer Clear Of Fixed Prices

There shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all price for silk press and blowout clients. “Pricing should always go by what’s included in your service and [your] time, not just the ending result,” says Miriam. When time, cost and education are factored into the equation, that will help determine the base hourly rate.


In her viral post, Miriam charged $77.50 per hour to get to the $310 price point. The entire four-hour service included 30 minutes of detangling, 30 minutes of shampooing, 45 minutes for a second detangle and treatment, 50 minutes for a blow-dry and pre-haircut, 45 minutes to press the hair and 40 minutes to trim and style.


Note: Remember every client is different. What could take four hours with one client could take only two hours with another depending on the client’s length, density and texture.


A LOT goes into Miriam’s services. Read her caption for a breakdown of what she includes in a consultation! 



Break Down Your Service

Not all silk press and blowout services are created equal, even though the end result is generally the same. Identify what issue you’re solving for your client by performing your service. Is the client only receiving a light trim with the blowout or does the blowout include a deep conditioning treatment and detangling service? Think about what value the client is receiving from the entire service and price out every detail.


For example, Miriam broke down what’s included in her silk press service and the estimated application time to come up with her total starting price.


  • Detangling (15-30 Minutes)


  • Detox to remove product buildup (2-7 Minutes)


  • Shampoo #1 to open the scalp’s pores and promote hair growth (2-7 Minutes)


  • Shampoo #2 for moisture and hydration (2-7 Minutes)


  • Steam towel treatment (10-45 Minutes)


  • Pressing (30 – 45 Minutes)


  • Trim or Haircut (10-20 Minutes)


  • Styling (10 – 30 Minutes)


  • The style can last between one to two weeks depending on the client’s texture and at-home care.


  • Total Price: $135 & Up


Cultivate The Clientele You Want

A stylist’s price point will help decide what type of clients they cater to. At the end of the day, the client will decide if they can afford the services or not. The price point also reflects the stylist’s value. There are clients who won’t book if the price is too low, because the perceived value of the service isn’t meeting their personal standards. 


“You put a price on the consumer that you want. If you’re charging something that’s really cheap, then you’re going to get those really cheap people,” says Miriam during an Instagram live explaining her $310 price point. 


Read Miriam’s caption to learn how to CHARGE YOUR WORTH!



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