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Last updated: December 09, 2021

Make More Money On Color Services…Here’s How!

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4 Tips To Increase Ticket Prices With The Same # Of Color Services

If your 2021 goals include working smarter (not harder!), this one’s for you—here’s a fast, easy way to stay profitable and keep clients coming back. Say it with us: hello, add-on services! What if we told you that one simple equation could add hundreds of dollars to your weekly income? Keep scrollin’ for a few key tips to boost business by adding treatments to every color service for max profit!


1. Book A Gloss + Treatment Duo

Keep clients coming in between bigger color appointments—think long, several-hour blonding and balayage services!—for a toner refresh and treatment duo. This will give their color longevity and maintain hair health to keep it salon fresh. Plus, bonus: getting clients in your chair regularly will increase opportunities to offer add-ons and retail.


Here’s a genius scheduling idea! @josievilay recommends implementing a la carte services for maintenance. This gets clients involved with booking their appointments—that way, you avoid them saying no to everything. Instead, they can choose partial services depending on what is most important to them.



Toner touch-up & treatment duo = shorter appointment times, more profit!

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2. Use A Skincare Approach To Treatments

Think about it like this: a skincare routine includes spa treatments like facials and peels, but also requires a variety of serums, creams and moisturizers that are specific to one’s skin needs. As the hair expert, offering the ability to customize regimens to each client not only boosts confidence in you—it also boosts their loyalty, because they have to come back to get more.


For example, the new FIBRE CLINIX care system from Schwarzkopf Professional allows you to customize every in-salon Tribond Treatment by adding FortifyVibrancy and Hydrate Boosters (boost with one, two or all three!). Each booster pairs with a different at-home care regimen so you can design a client’s dream care plan!



Tl;dr? 😉 Watch the video below for a treatment breakdown from!

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3. Try This Simple Equation To See How Add-Ons Impact Profit

Let’s say you charge $35 for an in-salon treatment. You take 5 clients per day and work a total of 5 days a week, adding on a treatment service for every client. Multiply 5×5 for 25 total treatments at $35 each a week—this will add on $875 to your service ticket for that week…and that’s BEFORE retail sales.


For Example, Use This To Calculate Total Weekly Profit:

Treatment Profit Sales Calculator


4. Get Comfortable Recommending Retail

Still have nerves when recommending home care products? We’ve got you. Use a problem-and-solution approach with clients to keep the natural flow of the conversation. Consider these questions:


  • Is the hair texture fine or coarse?
  • Is the hair lacking moisture, vibrancy, etc.?
  • What is your client’s lifestyle and routine? For example, does she use thermal styling tools every day?
  • Ask clients: What don’t you like about your hair?


Pro Tip #1: Create A Hair Care Plan

Let’s say a client complains of dryness, so you provide them with a FIBRE CLINIX Tribond Treatment and Hydrate Booster. You’ve already had that initial conversation, so now it’s easier to introduce the Hydrate Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment that goes along with the in-salon service. Explain that keeping their hair healthy will give their color longevity and get them closer to their dream results more quickly.


Fibre Clinix Treatment Schwarzkopf Professional Color Services Winter Bronde Hydrate Booster
@wavesofhairbyjayme used the Tribond Treatment + Hydrate Booster for this shiny, winter bronde.


Pro Tip #2: When Clients Say No To Retail

Clients want your expertise, BUT they might not always buy directly from you—tbh, they could just be looking for a deal. This will still improve client retention. Even if they aren’t buying product directly from you, giving them that recommendation increases that client’s loyalty to you and you know they will come back regularly.

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