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Last updated: September 29, 2017

7 Ways to Get a Grip on Unruly Texture

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By Heather Haemker


Grungy hair is so 1990s. Clients today want to be in control of their textures— whether it’s taming frizz, controlling curl or doing away with unwanted coils and bends. The good news? Modern texture treatments cover the gamut—there truly is something for everyone. Here are seven solutions for every textured hair type.


Keratin Complex
Advanced Glycolic Smoothing System


what’s unique: This three-part keratin system reduces frizz and curl, while rejuvenating hair that has been damaged by previous chemical relaxing, thermal styling or color treatments.



what’s in it: The system utilizes the power of keratin to offer guests a versatile smoothing system option. It will soften curls and reduce frizz while increasing manageability; the client can wear her hair sleek and smooth or curly/voluminous.


who’s it for: This treatment is ideal for all hair types, even if it’s damaged.


how long will it last: Clients can expect their sleek locks to last for up to three months.


takeaway tip: Hair should remain damp throughout the application. If areas become dry, mist lightly with water before applying the treatment formula, and continue to do so throughout the application. 


LASIO Color Pro


what’s unique: Keratin specialists can offer individualized services based on each client’s hair needs. Stylists can create a LASIO Keratin Cocktail by combining two or more treatments to achieve desired results. For example, if a client has fragile, balayaged ends with natural texture at the root, apply a Color Therapy Keratin CocktailKeratin Tropic on the first two to four inches from the scalp, followed by Color Pro on lightened pieces. This signature service provides volume and gentle color protection.


what’s in it: LASIO Color Pro is keratin infused and features FLEXSHIELD Technology, packed with borage oil and Vitaplex, to shield each strand and protect hair from UV rays and thermal damage while locking in color molecules.


who’s it for: This treatment is ideal for protecting rich reds from fading, yet it’s gentle enough for fragile blondes.


how long will it last: In-salon services take two hours or less. Treatments last up to four months.


takeaway tip: Stylists should not see a cloud of smoke surrounding the client’s head during the blow-dry stage. If fumes are seen, it means the product is being evaporated from the hair, making the process uncomfortable for both the client and the stylist. To avoid fumes during your blow-dry once the treatment has been applied, stylists must hold the blow dryer at least 4 inches from the hair and use a paddle brush. “This is important in order to prevent any of the product from evaporating, which can lead to uneven product absorption before the heat sealing stage,” notes Carmela Zampieri, Creative Director for LASIO. “If this happens, the client will return within a month, claiming sections of her hair are frizzy because the treatment didn’t take.”


Brazilian Blowout Original Smoothing System


what’s unique: There’s no waiting after this in-salon treatment. Immediately afterward, clients can wash their hair, put it in a ponytail and exercise. Plus, this treatment is completely customizable—section size, flat iron temperature, number of passes and tension will all help determine the end result.


what’s in it: This is an amino acid-based treatment (amino acids are the building blocks of protein) which is why the service is “complete” when the client leaves the salon. What’s more, these proteins reduce styling time!


who’s it for: All hair types and textures. Again, it depends how certified stylists perform the service—fewer passes and lower heat for fine hair, for example; more passes and higher heat for coarse, kinky hair.


how long will it last: The full treatment takes 90 minutes from start to finish. Smooth, frizzfree, easy-to-manage hair lasts up to 12 weeks.


takeaway tips:
1. Prior to any treatment, the stylist should always conduct a client consultation to assess
the integrity of the hair and determine the desired end result (straight/smooth or some
retention of curl/waves).


2. The cleaner the hair, the smoother and longer-lasting the results. Perform a minimum of two to three shampoos using Acai Professional Anti-Residue Shampoo to ensure the hair is “squeaky clean” prior to application.


3. Apply the solution by lightly dusting it onto slightly damp hair with an applicator brush,and then distributing the solution with a fine-tooth comb. If you notice a white buildup in the teeth of your comb, you are oversaturating the hair and should take the next section of hair and marry it with your last section to blend the solution evenly prior to applying more solution.


4. Section sizes are important in achieving the perfect Brazilian Blowout—if a section size is too big or too small, the end result may not be what the client wants. Section sizes range from ¼-inch (sleekest result) to 1-inch (curl).


Überliss Straight Effect


what’s unique: It’s formulated without formaldehyde, formalin and methylene glycol, which means stylists won’t experience unpleasant effects like burning eyes or an itchy throat. Plus, a little goes a long way—minimal product is required for optimal results.


what’s in it: Überliss’ exclusive triple blend of keratin, cysteine and buriti extracts eliminate
unwanted frizz and tame unruly hair.


who’s it for: This treatment was designed for wavy and curly hair types.


how long will it last: The service takes one to two hours, depending on hair density. Expect results to last up to four months.


takeaway tip: Smaller sections actually lead to a faster overall application. Also, set the
flat iron temperature correctly to easily glide through the hair.


Keratherapy Color Lock & Smooth Keratin Treatment Spray


what’s unique: This 2-in-1 formula is perfect for use after color or highlighting services to lock in color, or as an insalon express keratin treatment for frizz and curl control.


what’s in it: Keratin! The keratin leave-in treatment works double duty to replenish natural keratin and collagen proteins that are lost over time. It coats the hair shaft and also penetrates the cuticle, instantly producing healthy luster and high-impact shine.


who’s it for: Color clients who want longer lasting results, as well as clients needing complete frizz control with minimal curl reduction.


how long will it last: Clients can expect smooth, vibrant, shiny hair for four to six weeks.


takeaway tip: After spraying Color Lock into each section, use your hands to work the product into the hair up to the scalp, then comb through using a fine-tooth comb. This ensures good saturation, (without oversaturating) which makes the drying stage easier.


GKhair The Best Hair Taming System


what’s unique: GKhair gives salons four different treatment options for customized results. Choose from Super Straight 1A or 1B for longer-lasting smoothing; Reinforcing for cost-effective ultra-repairing; and Color-Straight, for color and taming in a single application.


what’s in them: Juvexin, a keratin anti-aging protein blend. The treatments are also 100 percent formaldehyde-free, and formulated with ingredients that improve the overall condition of the hair.


who’s it for: Perfect for all hair types, which is proven by the fact that it’s used in 65 countries.


how long will it last: Super Straight results can last three to five months; the Reinforcing treatment lasts up to one month.


takeaway tips: Use a bit of The Best Hair Taming System as a detangling lotion if the hair is hard to comb through after shampooing with pH+ Clarifying Shampoo. Adjust the temperature of the flat iron according to the hair type. Each service is applied differently; however, it is important to start every service with pH+ Clarifying Shampoo to remove impurities and open the cuticle for optimal results.


Avlon Texture Release System


what’s unique: This heat-activated conditioning system offers optimal curl management without breaking the bonds in the hair. Stylists can customize by elongating curls, creating manageability and versatile straightening. Clients can opt for a curly or straight finish without
disrupting the fundamental texture and curl.


what’s in it: Amino acids, glycolic acids and hair and scalp conditioners penetrate deep into hair fibers, rejuvenating and maintaining scalp health.


who’s it for: The system is designed for clients of African descent, or those with excessively curly or tightly coiled hair. This system is ideal for those who love to rock a more relaxed look, but who don’t want a chemical commitment or prefer not to compromise the structural integrity of their hair.


how long will it last: With this service, the client can expect results to last up to two months. The system includes:
1. Nourishing Cleansing Shampoo
2. Releasing Lotion
3. Thermal Protector Mist
4. Curl Shape and Shine Cream


takeaway tip: Always perform this service on clean hair. Cleanse the hair with Texture Release™ Nourishing Cleansing Shampoo. “Hair should be about 80 percent dry before applying the next step,” says Alana Snowden, Director of Education for Avlon. Spray Texture Release™ Releasing Lotion into the hair while the client sits under the dryer, which will activate the conditioning properties. If the client wants a straight finish, apply Texture Release™ Thermal Protector Mist; for natural curl, apply Texture Release™ Curl Shape and Shine Cream.