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Last updated: January 14, 2019

4 Ways To Boost Business With Add-On Services

3 Business Tips To Increase Salon Add On Treatments And Services @emilyandersonstyling @colorwithgrace TIGI Copyright Custom Care SOS
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4 Tips To Increase Add-On Services & Treatments
The easiest way to bump ticket prices, elevate salon services and boost business behind the chair? Add-on treatments 👏 So we put everything you need to know in one place—how to charge for extra services, consultation tips AND custom treatment formulas.


Whether you specialize in balayage or pixies (and everything in between!), every stylist can benefit from offering additional services. That’s why we asked BTC Team Members Emily Anderson (@emilyandersonstyling) and Grace Joo (@colorwithgrace) for diverse answers to all of your servicing questions.

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1. Use This Problem & Solution Method
Are you asking the right questions during the initial consultation? This is the best time to engage with clients about their wants and needs. “One of the first things I ask is how their hair feels from the last service,” shares Grace. “If they feel dry and brittle, I tell them it’s good to get an in-salon treatment at least every other service to keep it healthy.”


Ask clients what is the most troublesome thing about styling their hair at home, adds Emily. Then, feel the hair as you talk through in-salon solutions to their problems. Here are some things to consider:


  • Has the hair been chemically altered?
  • What’s the hair texture, coarse or fine?
  • If the hair is wavy or curly, does it lack shine?
  • Do they have a lot of static?
  • Is the hair splitting?



2. How To Charge Add-On Services
Your pricing structure for add-ons should be determined by the original service the client is coming in for. “I would recommend a treatment if they’re coming in for just a toner,” adds Grace. “But if they come in for a five to seven-hour balayage service, then I would usually add the treatment with the service.” Emily alters her structure per service, “A standalone treatment is $50 and an add-on to a haircut is an extra $25.”


3. Choosing The Right Treatment
It’s time to formulate a custom treatment that caters to your clients’ hair texture, condition and needs—what’s your move? Here are some some of Emily and Grace’s go-to treatment formulas using the TIGI® Custom Care™ system.


  • Lifting Curly Hair – During the lightening process, curly hair can easily become frizzy. Mix and apply Custom Care™ Treatment Base with the Shine and Smooth Boosters to tame frizz.
  • Too Many Split Ends – Start with the SOS Extreme Recovery™ Treatment, then add a Custom Care™ booster before a haircut. SOS will seal down what doesn’t need to be trimmed and allow the split ends to pop, creating a visual map for cutting split ends.
  • Brighter Blondes – Mix Custom Care™ Treatment Base with the Repair Booster, or the Smooth Booster to increase manageability and shine.
  • Lacking Shine – If curly or wavy hair isn’t reflecting light, mix Custom Care™ Treatment Base the Shine Booster to infuse with nourishment and shine.


Before → OMG After The Repair Booster!

3 Business Tips To Increase Salon Add On Treatments And Services @emilyandersonstyling @colorwithgrace TIGI Copyright Custom Care SOS
Instagram via @colorwithgrace


4. Emphasize The Investment Factor
Educate clients about the “insurance” treatments offer. “If you’re going to spend all of this money to get your hair lightened, aftercare is equally as important to keep the integrity,” Grace tells her clients. “There is no point of having pretty haircolor if the hair looks damaged and unhealthy.”

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