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Last updated: July 25, 2017

Keratherapy has the Smoothing Treatment for You!

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Let’s try to imagine what getting a smoothing treatment was like before Keratherapy  unveiled their most recent line of Keratin smoothing treatments. Your client would sit helplessly in your chair for a handful of hours as you rub their hair in the foulest smelling solution that has ever met your nostrils. After the torturous experience, your client remains unsatisfied with meager frizz- and humidity-control for a handful of weeks, until they find themselves back in your chair, repeating the same process again.


This is the reason Keratherapy decided to reinvent this routine and make smoothing a far more enjoyable experience than ever before! After some careful brainstorming and innovative solutions, Keratherapy has unveiled a new line of game-changing treatments that offer maximum control and yield maximum results—the Extreme, Intense and Pure Renewal Keratin Smoothing Treatments!


Extreme Renewal  
Extreme Renewal is the keratin treatment that offers maximum curl reduction, frizz- and humidity-control and drastically improved blow-dry and ironing times for 16—yes, 16!—weeks! Results that last that long are almost unheard of and any client who wants long-term smoothing will find themselves flocking to this formula. Although the Extreme Renewal was formulated to work best on coarse, thick and the most resistant hair types, clients with curly or frizzy hair will also see suppler and shinier results for longer—even on color-treated hair!  


Intense Renewal
For the Intense Renewal, Keratherapy reformulated this Keratin treatment to produce less fumes than other smoothing treatments on the market. How much less? 75 percent less fumes! This will easily make your clients have a far more enjoyable experience getting their hair treated. Formulated to last up to 12 weeks, the Intense Renewal is perfect for clients who want 90 percent curl reduction, faster blow-dry times and the ultimate level of frizz- and humidity-control regardless of texture or hair type. And it is perfectly safe for color-treated hair.


Here is how the Extreme and Intense Renewals work! 



Pure Renewal
Hoping to create a more natural approach to Keratin smoothing, Keratherapy developed the world’s first—yes, first—100 percent Formaldehyde-free formula by launching Pure Renewal. Offering 75 percent curl reduction for up to 12 weeks, Pure Renewal works just like any other smoothing treatment by offering maximum frizz- and humidity-control with the added benefit of faster blow-dry and ironing times. This formula is perfect for all clients, whether they have straight, wavy or curly hair and are looking to add volume and texture to their tresses. It is especially attractive to clients with a strong sense of smell—the lack of Formaldehyde removes those noxious odors that typically come with smoothing treatments. Along with being completely Formaldehyde-free, this formula has the shortest application service—only 90 minutes—and it is applicable for color-treated clientele.


Here is how the Pure Renewal works! 



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