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Last updated: September 02, 2020

Watch: Make More Money With This Timesaving Add-On Service

Watch This: How To Expand Your Services & Make More Money

Spotted: You adding ONE service to your ticket and raking in thousands of extra dollars. Our clients have been requesting smoothing treatments for years, but instead of sleek straight ends, give them the foundation they need to rock their strands beveled, wavy and smooth. We’re sharing TWO how-to videos to show you how you can take one service as an add-on to balayage and color appointments or pair it with a style and haircut. Watch one of the tutorials above, then keep scrolling to watch the other one!


3 Key Takeaway Tips


1. Fast Service To Prevent Color Fading & Frizz

Here’s a quick overview from Paul G. Smith on how to apply Keratherapy’s Color Lock & Smooth, the express keratin treatment spray that works on all hair types and lasts from 4 to 6 weeks.


Get The Steps & Watch The Video To See How It’s Done:

  1. Start the application on clean, dry hair. Beginning at the nape, hold Color Lock & Smooth 6 inches from the hair and apply to 1-inch sections.


  1. Spray three to four times in a criss-cross pattern, massage through each section and remove excess product with a fine-tooth comb.


Pro Tip: Work in thin sections—no more than an inch. Remember that taking smaller sections will take less time than rushing and having to redo.


  1. If your client has dry or resistant hair, allow the treatment to process 10 to 15 minutes before blow-drying with the Keratherapy Curved Vent Brush. For smoother results, blow-dry with the Keratherapy Thermal Square Brush.


  1. Section the hair into quadrants. Working in ½-inch sections, flat iron the hair two to four times to seal color in and keep frizz out.


2. Blow-Dry Trick: Tame vs. Maintain Volume

When you’re blowing out the hair, decide if you want to create or tame volume. After the hair is mostly dry, use the Thermal Square Brush either two ways: Blow-dry with the hair under the brush to tame volume OR over the brush to retain volume.


3. Avoid This Common Mistake!

Don’t wait to smooth out the hair with the flat iron. Blow-drying will create the smoothness—you need to achieve this with the dryer first. Flat ironing is the second step that will give the treatment longevity. Remember: Don’t create any lines in the hair with the flat iron to avoid harsh, unwanted bends.


Watch The Video Below To See The Color Lock & Smooth Application In Action!


Tap HERE to purchase Color Lock & Smooth, Paul’s secret to getting keratin treatment results in MINUTES!


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