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Last updated: February 05, 2020

13 Treatments & Masks Your Clients Will Thank You For

Treatments And Masks For Every Client In Your Chair
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Treatments & Masks For Every Client In Your Chair

The beginning of the year is known as a time for renewal, a time to hit restart and set goals for the rest of the year. And while we’re not here to check in on your resolutions (because no one needs that kind of negativity in their life), we ARE here to talk about ways you can start the year off right by giving your guests’ strands some much-needed R&R. So since we’re almost out of the winter slump, below, we’re sharing 13 different treatments and masks for every client in your chair!

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1. For The Client Who’s A Master Multi-Tasker

When this client does a treatment on her hair, she doesn’t just want hydration. No, she wants to do it all. So send her home with Treatment (or Treatment Light if she’s a blondie with fine hair) from Moroccanoil® because it’s a conditioning, styling AND finishing tool all in one. Not only does it promote softer, stronger hair but it increases shine and reduces frizz.


2. For The Client Who Just Went Blonder

Whether she opted for sun-kissed highlights or an all-over blonde, sending her home with Schwarzkopf Professional’s BLONDME® Tone Enhancing Bonding Mask for Cool Blondes will help neutralize unwanted yellow tones until her next appointment. BONUS: Do you do a lot of teasy lights? Apply this mask before you pick up a brush to tone while also making the comb out easier! Watch how BTC Team Member @lizhaven does it in the below video:


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3. For The Client Worried About Color Fading

This client follows a very strict shampooing schedule because she wants her fresh new color to last as long as possible, but that doesn’t mean her color-treated strands couldn’t use a boost every now and then. From blondes to brunettes and everything in between, Joico’s K-PAK Color Therapy Luster Lock is an instant shine and repair treatment that keeps hair vibrant and healthy. 


4. For The Client Dedicated To Their Weekly Self-Care Sunday Routine

This client lives for Self-Care Sunday. We’re talking face masks, at-home manis, the works. But is she showing her hair the love, too? Make sure she is by sending her home with amika’s Soulfood Nourishing Mask. It’s an ultra-replenishing mask that deposits into the cuticle’s surface to create the look and feel of stronger hair while reducing the amount of free radicals in it.


5. For The Super Low-Maintenance Client

This is for the client who loves minimal effort, meaning they literally apply a product or two and walk out the door. IGK Hair’s new Antisocial Overnight Bond Building Dry Hair Mask is formulated with leave-in bond-building technology that’ll repair her hair while she sleeps. All she has to do is spray it on dry hair and brush it through before she goes to bed. No need to wash or restyle the next day!



6. For The Client Who Wants Their Hair To Feel Virgin Again

Between haircolor appointments and daily heat styling, some days this client wants to shave her head and start over. Almost. Treat her to the next best thing with the Copyright Custom Care™ SOS Extreme Recovery™ Treatment from TIGI® Professional, an in-salon treatment that is clinically proven to repair internal damage while returning hair back to virgin-like condition in just 5 minutes.


7. For The Client Who Wants To Experiment With Color

This client is itching to try a fun fashion color but is terrified to commit. Enter Aloxxi’s InstaBoost! Available in eight bold shades, these extra pigmented conditioning color masques deliver intense, nourishing color to pre-lightened platinum or medium blonde hair and a hint of color to dark blonde or light brown hair. Oh, and they last up to 10 to 15 washes!


8. For The Client Who Constantly Complains About Their Oily Roots

No matter how much dry shampoo this client goes through in a day, it’ll never be enough for her oily scalp. That’s why she needs Alfaparf Milano’s Energizing Tonic in her life. It’s a rebalancing tonic that helps maintain the optimal state of the scalp while giving off a refreshing effect. 


9. For The Client Who Prefers A Spray

Some clients don’t want to take the extra time for a hair mask in the shower, which is exactly why brands like SEVEN haircare offer treatments in the form of a spray. A natural restructuring agent, their BOND reparative spray is ideal for clients whose strands are damaged by processing, bleaching and hot tools because the more damaged the hair, the greater the binding action.


10. For The Client Who’s Always On The Go

Sitting still in your chair is a struggle for this client because her mind always seems to be 10 places at once. So send her home with Virtue’s Restorative Treatment Mask! Infused with Alpha Keratin 60ku™, this mask delivers immediate—and intense—hydration in just THREE MINUTES. (TAP HERE to learn how the Restorative Treatment Mask can be used as an in-salon treatment!)



11. For The Client Who’s A Sucker For A Leave-In

Some clients don’t care for an in-shower mask. They prefer to spray it and forget it, which is why these clients love a good leave-in treatment. Keratherapy’s 20-In-1 Leave-In is exactly what its name implies. It’s a leave-in styling treatment that offers 20 DIFFERENT BENEFITS, including detangling, breakage prevention, split end mending and added shine.


12. For Your Longtime Blonde Client

You know the one. Ever since she first went blonde, she’s been back in your chair like clockwork to maintain her bright blonde strands. The lightening process can be harsh on the hair so make sure she leaves with Olaplex No.3 in hand so that she can strengthen her hair from within while reducing breakage and improving the look and feel of it. 


13. For Clients Battling Dry Strands This Winter

For clients enduring freezing temps this winter, everything from their skin to their strands is feeling dry, which is why you should send them home with an indulgent deep conditioning mask like Pureology’s Hydrate Superfood Treatment. With nutrients like avocado oil and coconut oil, it moisturizes and softens dry, damaged strands. 


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