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Last updated: December 15, 2017


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A professional-grade hair care system engineered to deliver sustained benefits to damaged hair, KENTE® BOND from SEVEN haircare is a complete game-changer.


“I couldn’t wait to brighten my blonde, but I was getting daily breakage. Using KENTE® BOND I saw an immediate difference. My hair is softer, shinier, and no more breakage.” – Portia de Rossi


From shampoo and conditioner to reparative spray, each step of the regimen magnifies the healing effects, creating an easy, complete system for hair health.


BOND shampoo

The nurturing amino acids in BOND shampoo elegantly slip straight to your hair’s cortex, optimizing moisture retention. Meanwhile, guar, with a natural affinity towards hair’s surface, begins the mending process and delivers supple shine.


BOND conditioner

One of the strongest bonds occurring in nature, disulphide bonds link hair’s protein structures and are essential for elasticity and strength. The high-in-cysteine amino acid complex in BOND conditioner caters to creating these bonds, adding resilience, while a near-clinical level of ProVitamin B5 penetrates deeply, adding essential moisture.


BOND reparative spray:

Hair damaged by processing, bleaching, hot tools, and the daily grind has a lower negative surface charge than healthy hair. That makes it ineffective at repelling water which ultimately leads to more damage. Rich in polar amino acids, the Sweet Almond in BOND reparative spray is a natural restructuring agent and self-regulating “smart ingredient.” The more damaged your hair, the greater the binding action.


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