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Last updated: November 16, 2018

How To Care For Blonde Hair: A Guide For Clients

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4 At-Home Haircare Tips For Blondes

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an at-home maintenance guide that you could easily give each of your blondes before she left your chair? Now you can! BTC Team Member Lo Wheeler Davis (@lo_wheelerdavis), whose signature is painting sun-kissed, dimensional blondes, gave us her top four at-home haircare tips for keeping blondes brighter, longer. So read on for Lo’s advice that clients need to know, then print this out and have it ready for your blondies!

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1. Replace Drugstore Brands With Professional Products

Is your client devoted to her drugstore brands? Then it’s time to break up that relationship STAT, especially since she just invested so much time and money to go blonde. Let her know that if she wants to keep her color vibrant and her strands healthy, it’s crucial she make the switch to high quality professional products that are gentle, add moisture and are designed to protect her color. Then be sure to prescribe specific products she can go home with that day.


2. Use A Purple Shampoo Weekly

What’s one product your blondes should not leave your chair without? SEVEN haircare RINZU® HELIO Violet Shampoo and Conditioner. Lo will pre-tone with the duo first so her clients can see how they work and how they make the hair feel. Then, she’ll let them know all they have to do is use it once a week at home to keep blonde strands looking bright and brass-free.


Pro Tip: When pre-toning with purple shampoo, start by applying it where the hair holds the most warmth. That way, those areas are targeted first and will have more time to let the purple pigments soak in.


3. Don’t Put Off The Follow Up Appointment

Whether it’s bringing the color up, cleansing and clarifying or adding tonal value, it’s important that blonde-haired clients get back in your chair every 6 to 8 weeks for maintenance. “I think blondes need to take better care of their hair than darker hair types just because of the cuticle being so open and so processed—it just needs some extra TLC,” shares Lo. And for clients who are extremely resistant to rebooking, let them know going too long without a retouch will make it more expensive in the long run.


4. Check Your Water Quality

When one of Lo’s regular blonding clients kept coming back with orange in her hair, she quickly realized hard water was causing the warm pigments to show up. So her advice is to talk to your guests before they leave your chair about checking their water quality at home. A simple solution for those who do? Buying a water filter for their shower head. Lo says there are super nice ones for about $100 or more affordable ones for just $35.


Watch the video below for a sneak peek at our content creation day with Lo & SEVEN haircare!


Click here to watch Lo’s balayage and toning technique video!

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