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May 14, 2018

Transformation: Edgy Pixie + Fringe


Transformation: Edgy Pixie + Fringe

One of this year’s biggest hair trends? Haircuts! Women everywhere are ditching their long locks and opting for edgier, short-haired styles—and sometimes the results are life-changing! That was exactly what happened when SEVEN haircare Flagship Educator and senior stylist (@hawkshairfashion) created this major transformation, and BTC was there to snag every step. Scroll through for the full how-to, then recreate this pixie with dramatic fringe!

Artist: Michael Redhawk

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    Start by washing with SEVEN haircare RINZU®️ Color Shampoo and Conditioner for deep conditioning and moisture, then towel-dry the hair.

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    Prep with SEVEN haircare ARMURE®️ LEAVE-IN Conditioner Spray for moisture and strength, applying all over the hair.

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    Then, apply SEVEN haircare SATARA®️ Seal Spray to lock in the moisture. 

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    Comb through to evenly distribute the product.

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    Create a horseshoe parting and clip the hair out of the way.

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    Section the hair on both sides from the ear forward and create two subsections directly in front of the ears. Then, take a section from the occipital bone to the parietal ridge, leaving out the hair below.

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    Starting in the back, begin removing the bulk of the length following the hairline at zero elevation.

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    Then, use a scissor-over-comb technique and cut at a 90-degree angle. Leaving 1/4-inch of length at the nape, continue blending until you reach the occipital—this is where you will create the weight line following the round of the head.

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    Cut the weight line by leaving 1 inch of length and overdirecting the comb at a 45-degree angle. Use this as a traveling guide and work horizontally.

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    Release the subsections on both sides. Working in 1/4-inch horizontal sections, blunt-cut at a low 45-degree angle to build weight and create disconnection.

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    Release the section from the occipital bone to the parietal ridge and separate down the center. Continue with the same cutting technique working in 1/4-inch horizontal sections, cutting at a low 45-degree angle and moving up the back of the head to build graduation.

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    Release the horseshoe parting and take horizontal 1/2-inch sections following the established length at the occipital.

  • 14

    Use a traveling guide and continue working from crown to hairline. Take each section horizontally and overdirect to the 90-degree guideline at the crown.

  • 15

    Release and cut horizontal sections at the parietal ridge, working up to the top of the head and overdirecting into the low 45-degree guide. Continue to work up the round of the head to build square graduation. Repeat on both sides.

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    Take a 1/2-inch horizontal parting following the hairline, overdirect at a 90-degree angle and cut parallel to the side of the head. Continue working through the fringe and overdirecting the hair to this point. Repeat on the other side.

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    Then, cross-check the square graduation using scissor-over-comb throughout the sides.

  • 18

    Texturize the fringe by working in vertical sections and slide-cutting through the ends using the heel of the blade.

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    Then, use clippers to create a V-shaped neckline.

  • 20

    Apply pea-sized amounts of SEVEN haircare SATARA®️ TEXTURE Cream and GAZAR®️ DIAMOND Serum, then blow-dry the hair forward using a Denman brush to smooth out the hair and emphasize the dramatic fringe.

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    On dry hair, slide-cut to texturize throughout the front.

  • 22

    Style the hair with SEVEN haircare BORATO®️ FIBRE Matte Paste, pushing the hair forward.

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    Check out the OMG-worthy transformation!

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