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Last updated: February 09, 2024

Clipper & Trimmer Blade Guide: When To Use Each One

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Photo credit: Instagram via @patty_cuts

How To Choose The Right Clipper & Trimmer Blade

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a barbering newbie, we tapped renowned NFL and UFC barber Pat Regan (@patty_cuts) to help us create a complete clipper guide. 


“The wide variety of BabylissPRO® clippers and trimmers make them superior to the competition,” says Pat. “There are blades for every scenario of cutting and blades for every level of barbering.” Keep scrolling to check out a full lineup of BabylissPRO® clipper and trimmer blades to choose from and use specific to clients and haircuts. 


Pat and his client, two-time Superbowl Champion Travis Kelce:


Photo credit: Instagram via @patty_cuts


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Clipper Blade Styles: Taper VS. Fade VS. Wedge Blade


1. Taper Blade

“This blade is best suited for a new barber or a barber who is not super confident about fading,” says Pat. “The Taper Blade is also the thickest of all the blades, which makes it the most forgiving with easy control compared to the other blades.”


Key features:

  • Curved C-shape blade supports scooping/rocking motion needed to fade
  • Enhances wrist control 



2. Fade Blade 

The Fade Blade is best for creating bald fades—typically, for intermediate to advanced barbers who are comfortable with their “C-Strokes.”


Key features:

  • Thinnest and most precise blade for closest cutting
  • Ideal for detailing
  • Great for shaping and refining line work


“It is amazing for detailing and shaping the hair, as well as taking out unwanted lines,” explains Pat. 



3. Wedge Blade

“The wedge blade is right in the middle of a taper and a fade blade,” says Pat. This blade is geared toward intermediate to advanced barbers who prefer an all-in-one “best of both worlds,” as Pat would say, clipper in their kit. 


Key features:

  • Gives the weighted support (and forgiveness) of a Taper blade
  • Shapes hair with a precise flat edge like a Fade blade
  • Pat’s go-to, favorite blade! 



Trimmer Blade Styles: Fine Tooth VS. Standard Tooth VS. Deep Tooth


1. Fine Tooth T-Blade

Use the name as a hint as to what this trimmer implies. Fine tooth = fine lines. “The fine teeth on this blade will be the most forgiving so it’s perfect for detail work and designs,” says Pat.


Use this trimmer for:

  • Fine line detail
  • Facial hair
  • Designs
  • Eyebrow shaping
  • Kids! 


Pro Tip: Pat mentions if you’re working with children, the Fine Tooth T-Blade trimmer is a great option because it does not dig deep into the skin. 




2. Standard Tooth T-Blade

If you’re looking for an all-around cutting option, this trimmer is it. “The teeth are fine enough for doing precision detail work (like lining and designs) yet also deep enough for removing bulk and cutting through thick hair,” explains Pat. 


Pro Tip: Pat encourages that if you can only have one trimmer blade, this would be the best one to start with. 



3. Deep Tooth T-Blade

“This is the lawnmower of T-blades,” says Pat. “It can cut through any situation that you run into and is incredible for debulking and cutting through thick, coarse hair.”


Use the Deep Tooth T-Blade if your client has:

  • Coarse hair—this blade is essential for hairline lineups
  • Thick neck/beard hair—avoid irritation by using this blade for a one-stop cleanup 



Quick Guide To BabylissPro Blade Materials & Which To Choose

The blade colors you see are more than an aesthetic option—each one delivers niche results with barbers in mind. 


Here’s Pat’s quick breakdown of his go-to choices:

  1. Gold/Rose Gold Blade—”This material is great for all situations of cutting. It slides against the skin very well, doesn’t get too hot and makes crisp, precise cuts,” he explains. “This material is one of the best all-around materials for any kind of cutting.”
  2. Graphite—”Crisp, crisp, crisp,” Pat says. He explains that this make of blade is amazing for lineups and detail work and also gives barbers the beneficial “crunch” sound at the beginning of a cut. 
  3. DLC—Pat’s personal favorite. “DLC stays cool, glides against the skin effortlessly and is amazing for any scenario from debulking to sharp lines and designs.” 


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