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Last updated: July 26, 2017

GAZAR® Collection

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Build brilliance from the inside out with SEVEN haircare’s GAZAR® collection, designed to  rejuvenate and finish hair with a camera-ready twinkle.


The collection includes:

  • DIAMOND serum: A dazzling, high-shine serum to smooth the cuticle and refract light.
  • LUSTRE cleansing and conditioning set: An enriching daily shampoo and conditioner that adds gloss and rich dimension.
  • POLISH balm: A versatile, super-shine balm that adds separation and texture to hair.
  • SHINE spray: A finishing spray to tame flyaways and deliver an instant, luminous finish.


Here’s the scoop on SEVEN: the Seattle-based SEVEN salon grew from a crew of nine to a full team of 65—and outgrew the products they were using, too. They needed touchable, luxurious, naturally three-dimensional hair. So they created their own products to do just that. Watch the video for more about SEVEN.


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