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Last updated: December 12, 2019

The French Blow-Dry Set: 6 Tips To Do It Perfectly

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Master The Long-Lasting French Blow-Dry Set

Depending on where you apprenticed, you may not have mastered a French blow-dry—the technique that gives the ultimate luxurious, shiny and voluminous result. (Plus, it’s crazy long-lasting—we’re talking seven days—if you prep right and finish with the correct products!) Liz Haven O’Neill, aka @lizhaven, swung by The BTC House in West Hollywood to demo the technique, and we pulled her top tips for you! “This is the hook, line and sinker with your guests—they are going to pre-book if you send them off with a set like this,” Liz said. Say no more, fam! We’re trying this ASAP!


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Products Used


1. Start the blowout with wet hair—do NOT rough dry. Why? Starting with a damp canvas allows you to mold the hair’s hydrogen bonds and achieve a better result. If any areas dry before you get to them, re-dampen with a spray bottle.


2. Prep with a cocktail of mousse and serum on damp hair. The mousse helps mold the hydrogen bonds into shape, and the serum helps smooth the cuticle. Liz’s go-to blowout cocktail is SEVEN® haircare BORATO mousse foam and GAZAR diamond serum.



3. Use the metal-core round brushes you select to determine the size and thickness of the sections. The section should never be wider than the length of the brush’s body and thicker than the diameter of the brush.


4. Hold each section out at a 90-degree angle and focus heat at the root—this builds major volume! Then slowly work to the mids and the ends.



5. Use small strokes or “flicks” with the concentrator just above the hair to smooth flyaways and baby hairs (watch the gif above!).



6. When a section is completely dry and smooth from roots to ends, spray with SEVEN haircare CUBICA working spray. Elevate the section to a high 45-degree angle, mold the hair by wrapping it around the brush to the base, use the cool shot on the blow-dryer (or the back of the blow-dryer) to set and move on to the next section.



Check out this finished look using the same technique on another client!


Learn the entire step-by-step technique from Liz! Click here to purchase the how-to video!

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