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Last updated: June 13, 2018

Flat Brush Blow-Dry From @brianacisneros

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Flat Brush Blow-Dry Technique

What’s the best way to style a ’70s shag without making it too curly? BTC Team Member @brianacisneros uses a flat brush blow-dry technique to keep her client’s look modern, soft and full without it being overdone. Watch the video below (turn the sound on to hear all of Briana’s tips!!) then scroll down for the takeaways you can’t miss!



Watch The Flat Brush Blow-Dry Video Quickie


Flat Brush Blow-Dry Takeaway Tips

  • Use halo sections, working all the way around the head.
  • Overdirect the sections to create lots of volume at the root.
  • Blow-dry hair until 95 percent dry before adding in the wave and movement.


The WHY Behind A Flat Brush Blow-Dry

  • According to Briana, curling irons tend to flatten while curling the hair, and after a blowout, flat strands are never the desired end result.
  • Instead, Briana uses this flat brush technique with a Mason Pearson because it creates big, beautiful, bouncy volume without taking out too much elasticity from the hair.


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