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Last updated: March 03, 2021

9 Blowout Tips You Need In The New Year

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9 Tips & Tricks For Better Blowouts

Are you maximizing your blowout services or blowing them off? After scrolling through our best styling tips, you’ll be ready to step up your blow-dry game in the New Year. We’re sharing all the secrets to sectioning for maximum impact, building lift at the root, reducing your blow-dry time AND so much more. Plus, Instagram videos and a French blow-dry set that will elevate your styling routine—keep scrollin’ for it all! 


1. Overdirection Is Key

Here’s how Eric Vaughn (@realericvaughn) maximizes volume: Overdirect each section to a 90-degree angle for maximum, then blow-dry from roots to ends using Dyson’s Supersonic™ Hair Dryer Pro Edition and a large round brush. Always wrap the ends in before allowing to cool and unwinding the section.


Pro Tip: For more concentrated airflow, Eric uses the Dyson Styling Concentrator nozzle attachment for his rough-dry and blowout because it moves like a blade of air that directs the flow precisely where it’s needed.



2. How To Determine Each Section Size

The size of your round brush should determine each section for the blowout—don’t use a brush that’s bigger than the section. Celeb stylist and Virtue®️ Creative Director Adir Abergel (@hairbyadir) recommends using a brush that has a combination of nylon and natural boar bristles. The nylon will create grip and the natural bristles will add shine to the blowout.



3. Stop Ignoring Your Cool Shot Button

If you’re styling a client at the end of their color appointment, it’s important to maintain the integrity of their hair—especially before using hot tools! Alfaparf Milano’s Cassie Siskovic (@cassiskovic) recommends drying the hair with the cool air setting to keep styles looking (and feeling!) strong and healthy.


4. Cut Down Your Blow-Dry Time

Chris Jones (@chrisjones_hair) begins blowouts with the Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer Professional Edition’s smoothing nozzle, which allows for a wider airflow, to prep and remove at least 50 percent of the moisture. Then he switches to the styling concentrator, which is narrower and more precise to allow for more control, when he begins round-brushing. “This truly does speed up the blow-dry time,” he says.


Watch His Technique Below

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5. Hair Cheat: Instant Lift At The Root

Your clients want a Texas-worthy glam blowout, so where should you start? With this must-know secret for building that extreme, long-lasting lift at the root!

  • Here’s How: Apply Alterna Haircare Caviar Anti-Aging Multiplying Volume Styling Mist to damp hair and blow-dry upside down. When your client flips their head back over—BOOM. You will achieve strong lift that lasts all night long, even on fine-haired clients.


Andrew Fitzsimons Blowout Tips Alterna Haircare Celebrity Kylie Jenner
Instagram via @andrewfitzsimons


6. Viral Blowout Technique: French Blow-Dry Set

It’s not a regular roller set, it’s a cool roller (round brush) set! Click here to watch this viral Instagram blowout method, plus tips for sectioning and rough-drying for maximum impact.



7. Want Smooth Texture? Try This Unexpected Tool

Harry Josh’s (@harryjoshhair) secret to a smooth blowout? Skip the round brush and use a Harry Josh® Pro Tools Premium Oval Brush. First, run the brush through the section to detangle. Then, hover the nozzle half an inch above the section and direct the airflow on the dryer downward, brushing and passing through each section.


Celebrity Stylist Harry Josh Blowout Techniques
YouTube via


8. Extend The Life Of Your Blowout

Don’t let your clients’ blowouts fall flat. Send them home with ColorProof FreshStart™️ Soft Dry Shampoo and show them where to apply to give blowout longevity. Here’s how:

  • Start where the hair collects the most excess oil and sweat—think the hairline, nape and at the crown and work in 1- and 2-inch sections.
  • Isolate each section, apply to the roots, process and massage thoroughly before moving on to the next section for even application.
  • Sit for 30 seconds, then massage so the product has time to fully absorb oils and odors from the scalp for a high-impact application.


9. What Your Clients Don’t Know Is Ruining Their Blowouts

Education = improving retention. Your client probably doesn’t know what the hair cuticle is and why keeping it smooth is so crucial to limiting frizz, so talk it through. “I like to explain how important a concentrator nozzle on smooth styles,” says Katrina Cahill (@katrinashairstory), a stylist and Sexy Hair artist from Pittsburgh. “It should always be blowing in the same direction as the cuticle.”


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