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Last updated: December 09, 2022

5 Round Brush Cheats For Long-Lasting Blowouts

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Photo Credit: Instagram via @lhonettehair

Get Blowouts That Last With These Round Brush Hacks

Voluminous, bouncy blowouts that last—sounds like every clients’ hair dreams come true! What if we told you all you need to keep your blowout regulars happy (and coming back!) is the right technique? Keep scrolling to learn how some members of the BTC Team use a round brush for the perfect blowout, every time.


1. Smooth your blowouts using the right tools.

BTC Team Member Lhonette Charles (@lhonettehair) swears that smooth blowouts come from:


  1. Finishing your wash with cold water to seal the hair cuticle.
  2. Applying a moisturizing heat protectant.
  3. Using the right brush.


Lhonette’s brush of choice: The NanoThermic® PowerGrip™ round brush by Olivia Garden. This brush is stacked with a wavy ceramic-coated barrel for amazing grip, heat resistant ionic bristles and a unique handle design with a retractable sectioning pick. Did we mention it’s also ideal for cowlicks, bangs and beveled ends?


Photo Credit: Instagram via @lhonettehair


The No.1 secret to supermodel blowouts—try this brush!


2. Don’t enjoy blow-drying bangs? Try this face-contouring technique!

Even though it can be a little intimidating to work with, the hairline is an essential part of any blowout—it’s what clients see the most! Here’s how BTC Team Member Steph Brown (@vividsandbalayage) makes blowing-out bangs that much easier:


  1. Start your blowout in the front of the head. 
  2. Dry in every direction, rolling the NanoThermic® PowerGrip™ brush back and forth to get a smoother result.
  3. Then, run the brush over the section to add volume and set the hair.


Pro tip: Don’t hesitate to use the NanoThermic® PowerGrip™ brush close to the scalp! The anti-static bristles are polished and rounded to be gentle.


Watch Steph’s two-step blow-drying technique for flawless bangs!

Photo Credit: Instagram via @vividsandbalayage


3. Set your round brush for optimal hold.

After drying a section, hit your cool shot and allow the brush to sit in the hair for five to ten seconds. The result: More voluminous, longer-lasting hold!


Pro tip: For the back sections, dry in both directions for more volume at the root and smoother midlengths and ends.


If you have a hard time getting the brush to set, just hold it—the NanoThermic® PowerGrip™’s ergonomic handle makes it easy!

Photo Credit: Instagram via @vividsandbalayage


4. Add volume to fine hair with this combination of blow-drying hacks.

Use your blowout to add fullness to fine-haired clients. Not only does knowing how to service finer hair types broaden your service menu, but it accentuates the cut or color service you just did.


Follow these steps to make sure your blowout service doesn’t leave fine hair looking flat:


  1. Pull the NanoThermic® PowerGrip™ brush straight up from the head, rolling back and forth.
  2. Hold your brush right up against the root and hit your cold shot. This shocks the cuticle, creating instant volume. 


Photo Credit: Instagram via @vividsandbalayage


  1. Overdirect your section while rolling the brush back and forth. Then allow to set for maximum volume.
  2. Blow-dry the front in every direction possible for the most bounce.


Photo Credit: Instagram via @vividsandbalayage


Pro tip: Once you reach the top of the head, stand in front of the client and tilt their head down. This will make sure the back doesn’t fall flat! Then, overdirect forwards and backwards to create a natural bump at the root.


5. How often should clients book blowouts?

Even though blowouts make clients feel confident and put-together, too much of a good thing can lead to a need for hair repair.


To keep your client’s hair healthy, avoid breakage and dry strands, Lhonette advises you to limit blowout services to a couple times per month.


Pro tip: For frequent blowout guests, Lhonette always make sure to section the hair properly, apply heat protectant and use tools that properly diffuse heat for minimal damage.


Photo Credit: Instagram via @lhonettehair


Watch Steph’s full blowout technique using the Olivia Garden NanoThermic® PowerGrip™!

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A brush that shapes, smooths AND straightens? Click here to learn more about the NanoThermic® PowerGrip™!


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