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Last updated: August 27, 2021

3 Client-Friendly Tips For Faster Blowouts

Hot Tools How To One Step Blowout Hair Dryer Paul Norton Celebrity Hair
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3 Timesaving Tips For Client-Friendly Blowouts
Are you maximizing blowout services or rushing (and tirelessly brushing) through missed opportunities? Yes, a blowout will show off the color or haircut you just slayed BUT it’s also the perfect time to educate clients on how to style their own hair. Here’s the tea: The blowout service is your chance to improve retention, recommend retail and help reduce your clients’ daily blow-dry routines to ONE-STEP. Here’s how!


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1. Better Education = Client Retention
The easiest way to gain a client’s loyalty? Education! Try this: Show every guest how to blow-dry their hair properly once and watch overall retention improve LIKE THAT. While they can’t recreate the magic you make behind the chair, you can invest in their daily routine by showing them a tool that will give them consistent, voluminous results without a round brushlike the Hot Tools® Black Gold One Step Blowout.


Here are the deets:

  • One Step Blowout does the job of a brush and dryer in one-step.
  • It evenly distributes heat through unique airflow vents for consistent results. 
  • The tool features temperature control and three settings for hotter, faster and more powerful drying.


Hot Tools One Step Blowout Hair Dryer Paul Norton Celebrity Hair
Celeb Stylist Paul Norton using the One Step Blowout on Nikki Bella // Instagram via @paulnortonhair



2. Are Their Blowouts Falling Flat? Try This!
Do guests complain about flat, limp blowouts that lack volume? Share this pro tip: Always start at the root with One Step Blowoutits unique shape will create dramatic liftthen, work down the section and craft curled or smooth ends. Major key: Overdirect each section in the opposite direction of where you want to create volume.


Hot Tools One Step Blowout Hair Dryer How To


3. How To Coach The Client
Real talk. The more blowouts, the betterit’s easy money in your pocket and means more opportunities to coach clients. So, why not use a timesaving tool yourself? By using the One Step Blowout, you’ll cut down your salon blowout time and be able to ‘show, not tell’ them how it’s done. As you walk through the technique, think about fast pro tips you can give them like proper tension, sectioning patterns and sizes.


Have a little extra time? Let your client try a section. Don’t be afraid to communicate if they do something incorrectly. The knowledge you share with them now will carry into their daily styling routine and they’ll thank you for taking that extra step.


Hot Tools One Step Blowout Hair Dryer How To


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