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Last updated: May 10, 2022

3 Tips For Longer-Lasting Lived-In Waves On Bobs & Lobs

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How To Create Lived-In Waves That Last On Shorter Lengths

Struggling to create lived-in waves that last on clients with bobs and lobs? Well today’s the day yours stop falling flat because BTC Team Member @chrisjones_hair is sharing three tips that’ll help those Instagram-approved waves last longer—especially on shorter lengths. From choosing a barrel size to the dreaded shake out, keep scrolling to get Chris’s tips and then watch two quickie videos to master his styling technique!


Products Used


1. The Size Of The Barrel Matters

Chris typically creates lived-in waves with the 1.25-inch Black Gold™ Marcel Iron from Hot Tools® Professional because the bigger barrel lets him achieve a looser curl pattern. But for clients with a short blunt bob OR hair that just doesn’t hold curls very well, he says he’ll use the 1-inch Black Gold™ Marcel Iron because the hair will start out curlier but eventually loosen into a perfect undone wave.


Pro Tip: Prep the hair with a product that will add volume while building memory in the hair. Chris’s current fave? The One For All 6-in-1 Styler from Virtue® because it adds texture, protects the hair AND adds shine.


Watch How Chris Curls Shorter Lengths In The Video Below!

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2. Alternate The Curl Direction

Know this: Curling each section in the same direction will cause each side of the head to morph into one big curl, resulting in a retro wave style. Great for the red carpet, not so great when your client wants beachy waves. That’s why Chris recommends curling each section in opposite directions. “Alternate the curl direction so the curls bounce off each other, giving volume and movement,” he shared in an Instagram caption. Curl the sections closest to the face back and then alternate from there.


3. Don’t Be Afraid To Loosen ‘Em Up

A lot of stylists are hesitant to shake out the hair in fear of losing some of that curl pattern, but it’s necessary to achieve that undone nature of a lived-in wave. So here are three techniques Chris recommends:


  • If her hair holds curls well, have her flip her head upside-down. Then, shake the curls out and apply a texturizer or dry shampoo. When she flips her head back up, the texture will instantly be lifted.


  • If her hair holds curls well, you could also run a wide-tooth comb through the hair (once it’s cooled) and then apply a texturizing product to set the loose, lived-in waves.


  • If her hair tends to fall flat, lightly rake your fingers through it and then apply a light hairspray or texturing spray. Do not run a wide-tooth comb through her strands or have her flip over. 


Pro Tip: If she has a shorter length, like a blunt bob, and the curls are still too springy, smooth the pieces around the face with a flat iron.


Watch The Video How-To Below

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