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Last updated: December 18, 2023

3 Tips For Marcel Waves On Bobs & Lobs

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Marcel Waves: 3 Short-Haired Tips & Fast Styling Videos

Are your waves falling flat on shorter-haired clients? Give those bobs and lobs a little TLC by using a Marcel iron to create textured waves that stay full-bodied and last longer. Start scrolling for three tips and a waving technique to achieve short and choppy waves clients love from BTC Team Member Chris Jones (@chrisjones_hair).


Chris is an Instagram-approved cutter who uses simple yet effective waving methods that instantly enhance texture, so we’re breaking down his best tips, short hair solutions and quickie styling videos—check it all out below!


But First Things First, Watch How Chris Cuts His Signature Bobs! 

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Here Are Chris’s Go-To Texturizing Tips:


  • With the straight blade on the bottom, use a “scooping” or a C motion and close the texturizer as you leave the section. This will create just a small layer on the top while maintaining the haircut 90 percent one length. 


Pro Tip: For finer-haired clients who want to achieve a fuller style, use a scissor over comb technique with your texturizer. Simply elevate the section up so the perimeter falls out and point cut one inch from the bottom of each section to achieve volume and shape.


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Now let’s make some waves!


1. Avoid This Common Wave Mistake

Are those wavy lobs and bobs falling straight the second your client leaves the salon? You might be taking too large of sections. Instead, Chris recommends taking smaller sections and using a Hot Tools® Professional Black Gold™ Marcel Curling Iron (in 1- or 1.25-inch barrels) on short-haired clients. By working with smaller pieces, you will be able to get a better hold from each curl.


2. Start Waving These Sections First

Chris recommends starting around the face frame on the sides and throughout the top—this will give the curls enough time to cool as you continue working around the head. Curl the hairline sections away from the face and then switch to alternating directions for a more natural effect.


Watch The Technique Below

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3. Break ‘Em Up Without Falling Flat

To avoid unwanted Shirley Temple curls on shorter styles, break up the curls after they have completely cooled. Chris recommends two different ways:

  • Flip ’N Shake: Does your client hold curls well? Ask them to flip their head upside-down, shake the curls out and apply a texturizer or dry shampoo. When they flip their hair back, the texture be instantly lifted with volume.


  • Comb Technique: After the hair has cooled, gently run a wide tooth comb throughout all of the curls and apply a texturizing product to set the lived-in texture.


Pro Tip: Does the client’s hair have a tendency to fall flat? Only lightly rake your fingers through to soften the curls.


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Watch More of Chris’s Technique Below

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