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Last updated: March 06, 2020

3 Blow-Dry Cheats For Volume

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Try This Viral Hair Dryer Brush Technique For Volume
Are your blowouts falling flat? We get it, the struggle is real—having to control a round brush, dryer and hair at the same time is no joke! That’s why Chris Jones (@chrisjones_hair) is breaking down easy ways to create volume, save time and step up your blow-dry routine with a hair dryer brush. Keep scrollin’ for three tips and timesavers that will help you maximize your blowouts, then watch the how-to video!


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1. Create Major Lift At The Root
Treat the top like a Mohawk, overdirecting the sections forward to create a ton of lift using the Hot Tools® Professional Black Gold™ Charcoal Infused One Step Blowout. “Once it’s dry, you’ll love how you get that full blowout which looks great on its own or throw in some curl afterwards,” shares Chris. Finish with Virtue® Texturizing Spray for a boost of touchable texture.


2. Understand When To Use Different Dryer Settings
Chris recommends starting with the high setting when the hair is still wet. Once you get roughly 80 percent of the moisture out of the hair, switch to the low setting to finish drying and styling. The KEY to Chris’ Insta-worthy waves is taking the time to properly blowout the hair (from start to finish!) to create a strong foundation before curling. 


3. How To Speed Up Blowout Times
Larger tool = larger sections. Because of the One Step Blowout’s size, Chris is able to work in thicker sections to speed up his blowout.


Pro Tip: Chris preps with Virtue® Volumizing Mousse to strengthen the hair, thicken strands and add even MORE volume.


Watch The Video How-To Below

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