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Last updated: June 12, 2020

3 Brazilian Balayage Tips For Bold Blends

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Brazilian Balayage: Painting Techniques, Formulas & Wave Quickies
When your clients bring in their blonde inspo pics, they’re probably screenshotting Brazilian balayage photos from Instagram—the technique that creates rich, high-contrast blends paired with a burst of brightness that contours the face! But it’s not only the high-impact color that makes this look #HairGoals…Brazilian-inspired balayage is typically styled with long, face-framing waves that emphasize the blended highs and lows.


Everyone loves a little balayage and blonding breakdown, so we snagged TRUSS Professional Ambassador Mickey Colon’s (@mickeycolonjr) top painting and waving techniques to achieve Brazilian balayage results, PLUS formulas and videos!


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TAP through for some serious paint inspo, then scroll for balayage & waving tips!


Instagram via @mickeycolonjr


1. Paint, Foil + Money Piece Technique
All of the best Brazilian balayage are paired with bold money pieces, but sometimes colorists forget that where you place darkness is just as important as where you create brightness—that’s what creates the depth that allows the face frame to pop. This is Mickey’s money piece technique breakdown (tap the beaker for the color formulas!):


  1. Take two back-to-back hairline foils without teasing and apply Formula A.
  2. Take a third foil directly after, but tease this section.
  3. Repeat teasing and painting a fourth foil, but this time leave some hair out between sections.


TAP HERE for the entire balayage application step-by-step!

@mickeycolonjr Mickey Colon Brazilian Balayage Color Formula How To Haircolor TRUSS Professional Hot Tools Wella Professionals
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  • Formula A (lightener)

    TRUSS Professional Air Libre + 20-volume developer + 8X Powder

  • Formula B (root smudge)

    Wella Professionals Color Touch 8/81 + 4/0 + 6-volume developer

  • Formula C (ends)

    Wella Professionals Color Touch 10/6 + 9/8 + 10/0 + 6-volume developer

Instagram via @mickeycolonjr

2. Foil Placement For Balayage Touch-Ups
Don’t have time for a full balayage but want to maintain heavy brightness? In between big color appointments, focus painting touch-ups mostly in the crown area. “By painting separate strands you will create movement and depth,” shares Mickey. “Most [touch-ups] take me 10 minutes. Work smarter, not harder.”


3. Video How-To: Long, Face-Framing Waves
You’ve created dimensional color, now what? Mickey creates face-conturing waves by wrapping sections around a Hot Tools® Professional Black Gold™ Marcel Iron, facing away from the face. The key to these elongated, loose waves: Start the spiral curl at the mids, let it fall into your hand and cool before dropping it. After the entire head is curled, rake through the hair with your hands.


Watch Mickey’s Marcel technique in the quickies below!

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Pro Tip: For more movement and a beachy look, try using the 3/4-inch Black Gold™ Marcel Iron and leave out the ends! 

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Now, watch the entire painting + waving process below!

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