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Last updated: April 01, 2024


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The Most-Pinned Looks in 2020 & How To Recreate Them

Hair in 2020 was colorful and edgy and we just gotta say, for a bunch of people who stayed home most of the year, we sure were adventurous! Because we know your clients are pinning their must-try looks, we rounded up the top five most-pinned trends on Pinterest this year for your scrolling pleasure. So without further adieu, scroll on and enjoy!


Trend #1: ’90s Color

With more than 1.7 million views and 11k saves, it is safe to say our ’90s color board is at the top of the list for 2020 trends. From vibrant colors to natural hues, there are plenty of ways to rock this look. We rounded up some killer content for you to click through so get scrollin’.


For 14 Insane ’90s-Inspired Color Formulas, CLICK HERE To See Our ’90s Formula Roundup

Instagram via @glamourby_melissa


For A Step-By-Step And Formula On How To Create This Beige ’90s Color Placement, Click Here!

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Instagram via @brit_bellasalonandboutique



For More ’90s Color Inspo, Click Here To Follow Our Pinterest Board!


Trend #2: Bangs

2020 was the year we dipped our toes into bang territory. Whether we went all-in with blunt French fringe or played it safe with a curtain bang, fringes were one of the most highly requested trends of 2020. Scroll through for all of our tips, tricks, and inspo on this emerging trend.


For 5 Tips For Cutting Curtain Bangs On ANYONE, Tap Here.

Instagram via @chrisjones_hair



For a crash course on creating a soft, face-framing fringe, click here!

Instagram via @rachelwstylist


Trend #3: Brondes

The top thing we learned about bronde haircolor this year? It’s open to interpretation. We talked to top color experts to find out what bronde means to them and how to give your client exactly what they want. 


Click here to find out exactly what it takes to achieve the perfect bronde tone. 

Instagram via @coloredbycaitlin


If you are more of a visual learner you are IN LUCK! We were blessed enough to have the queen of bronding Caitlin Dugan (@coloredbycaitlin) teach us a class on BTC University where she covers everything from creating dimension to formulating for the perfect in-between blonde and brunette tone that makes a bronde unique.


CLICK HERE to watch Caitlin’s tips, tricks & techniques on how to create a beautiful dimensional bronde.


Trend #4: Bobs

Bobs continue to remain one of the most popular and highly-requested cuts. We saw a lot of variations of bobs this year from daring jumps in length to the addition of bangs and texture. 


For tips on how to avoid the dreaded “can I speak to the manager?” silhouette, CLICK HERE.



For a perimeter that turns head, click here to read how to slay a blunt line every time.

Instagram via @chrisjones_hair


Click here for tips and tricks on bob-cutting and silk press on textured hair!


Trend #5: Undone Texture

Styling is always huge clickbait for clients wanting to replicate the drool-worthy salon waves you send them home with. We have rounded up a few videos for you to watch and perfect for the next time your client requests these looks. 


Five-minute undone waves by Adina Pignatare (@adina_pignatare) using the Line One Waver.


Waves that MOVE by Chris Jones (@chrisjones_hair) using a marcel iron.