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Last updated: May 14, 2020

What To Expect When Salons Reopen After Quarantine

What Stylists And Salons Can Expect When Salons Reopen Post Quarantine
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How Salons Will Be Different When They Reopen

While every state is dealing with different reopening dates, guidelines and laws—the salon community is in this together! That’s why it’s so important that we learn from salon owners who are opening before us, so we can return to work with confidence, manage our expectations and prepare our teams. BTC went live with three salon owners and ARC™ Scissors Hair Architects who recently reopened in different states to share what you can expect.


  • Carolynn Judd (@styled_by_carolynn) in Ogden, Utah.
  • Rachel Williams (@rachelwstylist) in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
  • Chris Jones (@chrisjones_hair) in The Woodlands, Texas.


Disclaimer: Every state has different safety requirements and laws, so check with your state government for more specific instructions.


Here are five ways salons will be different upon reopening and how you can get prepared:


1. Working In A Mask

What is it like servicing clients in a mask all day? Here’s what to expect:


  • Protect Yourself: Wear a lightweight mask that goes around your ears and make sure it lays flat on your face, suggests Carolynn. If not, you will have to bend your neck to work and look down, especially at the shampoo bowl, which can cause neck pain.


  • Communicate With Clients: “Your clients are waiting to have this great experience when they get back to you, and it’s going to be a different experience,” shares Carolynn. “Not seeing half of someone’s face takes away a lot of the emotions. Smile with your eyes, they want to see you and they’ve waited for you.”



2. Adjust Your Schedule


  • Sanitation: Build time into your schedule for cleaning and disinfecting between every client and throughout the day. Rachel recommends allowing yourself around 15 minutes to clean after every service—tools, clips, your station, etc. She has also invested in portable UV Sanitizing Wands for time efficiency.


  • Alternating Shifts: Is your salon dividing the work day into two shifts? Give yourself enough time to properly clean and disinfect everything at the end of your shift, so it’s ready for the next stylist.


Click HERE to download a complete sanitation checklist!


  • Give Yourself Time To Adjust: You’ll be in high demand upon reopening, and rescheduling could feel overwhelming, so start with a light schedule at first, Chris said. Then make adjustments and take breaks.


  • Express Services Post-Quarantine: Strategize priority services based on your new schedule. Rachel’s salon is dividing shifts, so she doesn’t have enough time to book major color transformations. Instead, her initial focus is on root touch-ups.


3. What Clients Should Expect Upon Reopening


  • Wearing A Mask In The Salon: While some states won’t require that clients wear masks, remember that you still can make that decision for your salon. Clients will be grateful for your commitment to their safety. Here’s what they need to know:
    • This is KEY—Carolynn recommends that clients wear a mask that goes around their ears, instead of tying behind the head, so it doesn’t interfere with their hair. Remember: You will need to remind clients this BEFORE they come into the salon.
    • Offer disposable masks for clients. Many of Rachel’s clients come in for blonding and color services, so if her clients don’t want to possibly damage their daily masks with bleach, or if they forget them, she is stocked with extras.


Pro Tip: Spending a lot of money on sanitation products and personal protective equipment (PPE)? Rachel raised her hourly price by $5 to help provide sanitation stations and extra PPE stock.


  • Safety Check-Ins:
    • Clients will get their temperature taken with a non-touch thermometer BEFORE entry.
      • Rachel recommends that clients wait in their cars, text their stylist when they arrive and someone will come out and take their temperature.
      • In Utah, Carolynn is required to log all of her client’s temperatures upon arrival.
    • Clients will answer a health and safety questionnaire.
    • Some salons are giving clients release of liability waivers to protect themselves if a client later suspects they were exposed during their salon visit. Waivers can also include that clients have read state guidelines and health questions.


  • No Waiting Area: Many salons are closing waiting areas to reduce traffic and practice safe distancing. Chris asks clients to wait in theirs cars until the stylist is ready for them.


Click HERE for downloadable signs to promote a safe salon space!




4. Positivity Is KEY

“Be ready to talk about the quarantine with 100 percent of your guests,” says Carolynn. “It is hard to relive the last six weeks with every guest. I listen and then slowly change the conversation to something more upbeat and happy—the quicker the better. They will enjoy the change in conversation even if they don’t realize it.”


5. Have A Salon Team Meeting Before You Reopen

Salon owners, have a staff meeting before reopening so everyone is aware of your state’s guidelines and how you can work as a team to meet them. Before the meeting, make sure you come in with a clear plan and sanitation routine that you can easily communicate.


Remember, that every person is dealing with the pandemic differently. Chris has given every staff member the option to return to work whenever they feel comfortable. Be patient!


You can do this, fam! Don’t worry, here’s proof that you can still capture Insta-worthy content with masks! 😉


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