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Last updated: March 21, 2024

Bob Styling Guide: 5 Ways To Style Short Hair

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Bombshell Blowouts, Effortless Waves & Tousled Texture For Bobs & Lobs

It’s the year of the bob: We’ve seen ’90s bobs, French bobs and micro bobs—if the term has circulated TikTok, you better expect clients to request it. Get ready to nail every request and learn how to style six different bobs: From the classic bombshell blowout to effortlessly tousled texture, get every insider pro tip, must-have product and tool you need below.


1. The Bouncy, Inward Bevel

The bouncy, beveled bob was the statement style of the ’90s. Now resurfacing with a modern update, learn to create a relaxed bevel with three must-know tips from ghd Artist Chantelle Spurling (@chantellemareehair).


Key Tips To Master The Beveled Bob:

  • To create volume and lift: Take a horseshoe section at the top of the head and elevate the hair to 180-degrees as you dry the section—Chantelle loves to use the ghd Helios Hair Dryer and size four Ceramic Brush from OZ Hair and Beauty

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  • Release the fringe section last: That way, it won’t air dry while you work through the rest of the hair. Elevate the section to 90 degrees when blow-drying to create volume.

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  • Go-to products: Prep the hair with Natalie Anne Prep & Play All-In-One Hair Cream and Natalie Anne Lived-In Texture Mist. To finish, apply Natalie Anne Soft Shaping Texture Spray.


Watch Chantelle demonstrate her blow-dry skills—click here!



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2. Volume Waves

Bob queen and ARC™ Scissors Artistic Team Member Carolynn Judd (@styled_by_carolynn) is our go-to resource for all things bobs. Learn her process for creating waves with tons of volume below!


  • You don’t need to be perfect: Throughout the bottom of the hair, use your flat iron to add in some bend. “It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just can’t be straight,” Carolynn explains.
  • Heat the hair through the ends: For the hair above the nape, take vertical sections, curl the hair from the roots and pull the iron through the ends. “Make sure you touch the curls to make sure the hair is getting heated all the way through,” Carolynn advises.
  • For product, less is more: “Use a tiny amount of Moroccanoil® Texture Clay and heat it in the palm of your hands until it’s almost translucent,” Carolynn advises. First, work it into the roots and apply the remainder of the product through the ends. “This gives the roots a little bit of grip for volume and a little bit of hold for texture on the ends.”


Click here to see Carolynn’s curling technique and product application process:



Photo Credit: Instagram via @styled_by_carolynn


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3. Effortless, Classy Waves

This technique will provide an effortless, undone finish for clients who aren’t looking for a super polished look. Keep reading to get London-based bob and blonding expert Suzi Angelina (’s three tried-and-true tips for creating soft, classy waves.


1. Skip curling the ends: This will give a softer, more undone finish while elongating the length for a blunter, thicker look.

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2. Curl away from the face: This will allow the hair to meet at the back. “This frames the face for that pretty finish and keeps everything symmetrical,” Suzi shares.

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3. Don’t use too small of a curling iron: “This will create too tight of a curl, rather than this soft, effortless finish,” Suzi explains. Suzi’s go-to is ghd’s 32mm Curve Soft Curl Tong. “It gives stunning results every single time,” she adds.



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4. Textured & Tousled Bob

For this next look, you’ll need a flat iron: Goldwell and BaBylissPRO® Ambassador Jacob Khan (@jacobkhan) uses BaBylissPRO® Rose Gold Prima 3000 to bend each section twice before pulling the iron straight through the ends. In the top half of the head, alternate bending sections and doing a classic curl with straight ends.



Pro Tip: When you’re finished curling, tilt your client’s head down and run your hands through the curls to break them up. Further enhance the textured finish with your favorite dry texturizing spray—Jacob loves Goldwell Dry Boost.


Click here to see Jacob’s full bob styling process:



Photo Credit: Instagram via @jacobkhan


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5. Undone, Loose Waves

For a model-off-duty style, we turn to a loose wave. Olya (@olya_iudina) of IGK Salons Soho styled influencer Linh Niller Skvortdova (@linhniller) who took to IG to share her styling process—get Olya’s tips for creating effortless waves with a marcel iron OR flat iron:


  • Marcel Iron: Curl away from the face and pull each section through with your hands. This will allow it to look more wavy rather than round and curly. 
  • Flat Iron: Hold your iron at a slight angle so it’s not parallel to the floor. “Don’t clamp down too hard when creating the wave; otherwise, you’ll end up with sharp lines,” Lihn shares. Gently alternate directions as you curl and bend the ends toward the neck so they don’t flip outward.


Product Pro Tip:A little product definitely helps add texture and fullness to fine hair,” Lihn explains. Get her stylist Olya’s go-to’s: IGK Hair Beach Club Texture Spray and IGK Hair Crybaby Anti-Frizz Serum.



Photo Credit: Instagram via @linhniller


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