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Last updated: January 27, 2022

Bobs: 5 Tips To Build Volume With Blowouts + Waves

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Photo via Instagram @styled_by_carolynn

How To: MEGA Volume On Bobs & Lobs Without Backcombing Or Roller Sets

There’s nothing hotter than a textured, piecey bob bursting with volume. We’re here with pro hacks to help clients ditch the teasing comb and save their short hair by swapping damaging volume tricks for long-lasting techniques that will work on any bob. 


Keep reading for six unique tips to set your clients apart in the salon with short styles that never fall flat! 


1. Cheat Volume On Fine Hair

Fine-haired bobs can be tricky—they need the extra umph from backcombing but run the risk of breaking hair if done too often. (Not to mention how impossible it is to smooth out all that tease under fine hair!!)


The easy fix? BTC Team Member Carolynn Judd ( shares that she amps up her client’s fine hair with Moroccanoil® Volumizing Mist. “I love the volumizing mist for clients with fine hair. It gives the perfect amount of volume without any build up,” says Carolynn. 


Photo via Instagram @styled_by_carolynn



2. Add Small Curls At The Crown

Creating a few tighter curls at the crown will perch the smaller tendrils on top of the rest of the curls. Layering these mismatched textures add natural-looking volume!


Carolynn says, “Lots of curls = more volume! I take 1.5 inch vertical (not horizontal) sections to curl—this creates more volume.” 


Photo via Instagram @styled_by_carolynn


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3. Try The “Puff & Pull” Technique 

Yes, it’s really called that! This quick technique creates volume exactly where you want it, almost like a faux roller set.


The Puff & Pull:

After releasing a curl from the iron, hold the ends taut and pull the hair at the root upwards while the hair is still hot. The “puffed” hair will cool slightly separated above the rest of the curl, creating amazing volume on every section!


Pro Tip: Finish with Moroccanoil® Luminous Hairspray to lock in curls without weighing down hair for lasting movement and texture. 

Watch Carolynn’s full demo here!

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4. Create Definition On Dark Hair

Creating visible dimension on dark hair can be really difficult—especially in photos. Carloynn recommends using volumizing products to prep both wet and dry hair to accentuate texture on every strand for definition you can see! 


“For wet hair, use Moroccanoil® Extra Volume Shampoo Conditioner and evenly comb Volumizing Mousse through the hair. Then on dry hair, prep with Moroccanoil Perfect Defense and work Texture Clay onto the roots before flip[ing hair over for a spritz of Dry Texture Spray all over,” says Carolynn. 


Photo via Instagram @styled_by_carolynn




5. Set Volume Into Place With Blowdryer 

A good blowout is the base for any long-lasting, volumized style on bobs.


Pro Tip: Control volume placement and shape by blowdrying hair with a round brush before adding texture with heat tools. 


After shampooing with Moroccanoil® Blonde Perfecting Purple Shampoo Conditioner, Carolynn builds her base by combing Volumizing Mousse evenly through the hair starting at the root and working through the ends before beginning to blow dry. 


Photo via Instagram @styled_by_carolynn


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