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Last updated: June 04, 2024

How To Create Lasting Volume On Short, Fine Hair

Fine Hair Blowout: 4 Styling Hacks To Nail A Voluminous Blowout 

The supermodel blowout is not reserved for long, thick hair. With the right styling and setting techniques, lasting volume is possible—even for bob clients with finer hair textures. Keep reading to get Dyson Pro Squad Stylist Justin Toves-Vincilione’s (@ahappyjustin) insider tips for a volume blowout that lasts.


You will learn:

  • Why creating an exaggerated style will get you to your desired end result
  • How to properly cool shot your section
  • Tips for avoiding physical strain while blow-drying 


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Photo Credit: @ahappyjustin


1. Why your elevation techniques aren’t working:

Every stylist knows that elevation creates volume; but, if you approach your section at the natural fall and THEN elevate it, you’re encouraging the hair to memorize a flat shape. “We want to encourage lift, so I’m going to maintain elevation and I’m going to go in with elevation—even if I have to smooth out the top side after,” Justin explains.


Pro Tip: Justin uses medium heat and high speed during this step. His tool of choice? The Dyson Supersonic™ r—learn about their newest innovation here.


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2. The secret to an effective cool shot:

Don’t just spray the section with the cool shot. Justin will move the dryer in a circular motion over the section before lifting the round brush to expose the roots. Hit the roots with the cool shot and release the section.


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3. Don’t strain your body—try this simple trick:

“Something I love about the Dyson Supersonic™ r is when you’re behind the chair and you’re hands are getting tired, all you have to do is turn the concentrator.” See the difference below:


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4. Styles fall—prepare for that by doing THIS:

With time, styles can fall. That’s why Justin creates more of an exaggerated bevel than his client may want when she leaves to compensate for the style falling. “Gravity is going to take effect immediately. This hair is going to fall little by little—so, if we can build that volume in now, it’s going to fall where she wants it to be,” he explains.


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