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Try Out These Clever Cutting Tips We Found On IG

When it comes to changing up your cutting repertoire, we’re all about working smarter, not harder. We searched the internet for exceptional cutting hacks to make your day at the salon so much easier.


Keep scrolling for some of Insta’s finest cutting tips and tricksand the countless pairs of ARC™ Scissors that made them happen!


1. This flawless 10-minute long-layered haircut

Want to to provide a gorgeous long-layered cut in just minutes? This tried and true method by Ulta Beauty design team member Justin TV (@ahappyjustin) does just that while maintaining length and framing the face, neck and jawline:


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A post shared by Justin TV | Hairstylist (@ahappyjustin)


1. Using condensed cutting, take 2-inch subsections and comb forward a 45-degree angle.

2. Slide cut; use tension to help the shears glide smoothly.

3. Overdirect hair from the back to the front, wrapping over the ear.

4. Repeat on the other side, using the finished half as a guide to balance the length.

5. Finish with Authentic Beauty Concept’s Blow Dry Primer for heat protection and hold, Shaping Cream for styling ease and hydration and Nourishing Hair Oil for a soft finish.

The result: beautiful layers and much more time for a blow-dry style!



2. This foolproof face-framing technique that saves length

We’ve all had clients that will not, under zero circumstances, sacrifice length. This simple hack by Ulta Beauty design team member Gilad (@myguilycrown) makes sure they can get the face-framing locks they want without fear of a big chop on the side.


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A post shared by Gilad | Hair Video Education (@myguiltycrown)


1. Section out the bangs, which goes to about the outer corner of the eye

2. Create a smaller triangle within that section to create your first bang. Gilad’s blade of choice is the Designer Series Phantom II 6” by ARC™ Scissors, which has a reputation for excelling in wet, dry, precision and slide cutting

3. Take the hair from outside of that triangle and start to frame the face. 

4. Blend the layers into the back using a finger angle, which will leave length to the back and preserve all the length on the sides.

5. Let the rest of the hair down and add a small amount of Kenra Professional Moisturizing Oil for some extra texture.


Pro tip: The reason this technique works is because you’re starting your face framing towards the face rather than on the sides of the hair. This way, all the framing can be done without taking away from side length.


3. This super cute soft graduated undercut

Chris Jones (@chrisjones_hair) uses this technique to remove weight from the back of the hair without making it looked stacked, working for a subtle graduation that looks softer than a traditional wedge. Chris recommends using a pair of Symmetry 30/2 Reversible Blender by ARC™ Scissors because it only removes about 15 percent of the hair and creates a nice blended look without leaving lines. 


Pro tip: If you stay out towards the ends, it will create texture. If you dive in deeper, that’s when you start thinning the hair. We’re wanting to create shape, not thin the hair. 


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A post shared by Chris Jones (@chrisjones_hair)


4. This beautiful pairing of long-layers and curtain bangs

The trending masterpiece by Schwarzkopf Professional ambassador Danilo Bozic (@danilo.bozic) was created using two pairs of 100 percent handcrafted Japanese steel ARC™ Scissors:



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A post shared by •Hinsdale IL Hairstylist• (@danilo.bozic)


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5. This essential advice to trimming natural hair

When deciding whether to trim natural, textured hair when it’s curly or smooth, Brendnetta Ashley (@edgybgirl) recommends to cut based on how the client wears their hair. “For example if they wear their hair curly 99 percent of the time I will cut while it’s curly. If they wear it smooth 99 percent of the time I will cut it smooth. If they switch between both I will cut when it’s smooth,” she says.


Pro tip: With any service, it’s always best to have a consultation! The more you know about the client, the easier it will be to provide a great service.


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6. This little trick to making all your short cuts look clean

If you struggle with making your perimeter lay flat and look clean, short hair cutting specialist Julie Facer (@headrushdesigns) has an easy trick that works on almost every client. All you have to do in pinpoint areas with baby hairs and unnecessary thickness around the nape and gently remove it with a razor.


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