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Last updated: June 02, 2023

How To Style The Biggest Men’s Summer Trends

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The Next Batch of Men’s Trends Is InHere’s How To Style Them

Who ever said men don’t like to style their hair? According to SexyHair educator Evan Wooding (@hair_by_evan_at_hair_fitness), “Guys love products. They just don’t want too many choices. They want us as stylists and barbers to tell them what the need.” With new styles on the rise, clients needs to know what they need to maintain them. 


Keep scrolling for tips from the pros for styling summer’s hottest mens trends!


1. The Caesar cut

Last season, we saw The Edgar. But this summer, The Caesar reigns supreme. This Pinterest-worthy, modernized takemodeled and named after Roman Emperor Tiberius Caesar Augustus—is a short with cropped, horizontally cut, straight fringe. The rest of the style is comprised of layers one to two inches in length.


Up for the challenge? Here’s how Evan styles his clients’ Caesar cuts for texture and longevity:


  1. Apply a small amount of SexyHair Style Blow It Up Gel Foam from roots to ends for a root lift. Remember: A little bit of this foam goes a long way!
  2. Blow-dry the hair away from the face. 
  3. Spray a desired amount of SexyHair Style Spray Clay throughout the hair for touchable hold and texture.
  4. Allow a small amount of SexyHair Style Matte Clay to emulsify in your palms, then apply evenly throughout the hair to lift.
  5. Finish with another dose of Style Spray Clay.


Pro tip: Selling retail = education. “My guys are some of my most loyal guests that purchase retail on the constant,” Evan says. “Give them direct knowledge and education [and retail will follow].”


Check out this profile of Evan’s modernized Caesar cut:

Photo Credit: Instagram via @hair_by_evan_at_hair_fitness


Pair your Caesar with a taper or fade like NFL barber Jesse Salvatore Ciffa (@barber.chief):

Photo Credit: Instagram via @barber.chief
Photo Credit: Instagram via @coiffeurstory
Photo Credit: Instagram via @yakuzabarber
Photo Credit: Instagram via @mari.demonte


We’re loving this amped-up, texturized Caesar:

Photo Credit: Instagram via @titan_barber


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2. The ducktail mullet

Is it a bowl? Is it a mullet? Actually, it’s a shorter version of both. “Over the last year, I’ve seen many of my clients get outside their comfort zones and start enjoying longer stylesincluding different variations of mullets and swept-back, midlength pompadours,” says Wahl® Professional Global Team Member John Carmona (@titan_barber). “With summertime upon us, I have been tweaking each style with a shorter version, allowing clients to still enjoy the length, but at the same time maintain a higher level of comfort with the rise in temperature.”


New style = new styling products to keep it looking fresh. Here are John’s summer styling essentials:


  • STMNT Grooming Goods Spray Powder provides instant root-lift and volume with a lightweight formula.
  • STMNT Grooming Goods Matte Paste in wet hair helps achieve a more lived-in result when either blow drying, diffusing or scrunching.
  • STMNT Grooming Goods Grooming Spray offers multi-purpose prep and style support.
  • STMNT Grooming Goods Hairspray gives dry hair a workable hold.
John’s advice for introducing clients to new products: “Our clients place their faith in us and without us teaching them how to blow dry and style, these products alone can only do so much,” he says. Always make sure to complete each sale with a styling lesson!
Pro tip: When choosing a product for your client, embrace their natural texture more the most effortless results.
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Photo Credit: Instagram via @coiffeurstory
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Photo Credit: Instagram via @cjdabarber_

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3. Length + heavy disconnection

While styles are cropping for the summer heat, length is still very much IN—especially for looks with stark disconnection. “I’m seeing greater disconnection between the sides and the crown than ever before,” shares American Crew® All-Star Educator Patrick Chai. “My clients are asking for two block haircuts and exploring center parts. I’m seeing the hair styled forward in the front with natural textures and wavy growth patterns embraced.”


For styling, Patrick always keeps these products close by:


  1. American Crew Matte Clay Spray for texture, body and all-day hold
  2. American Crew Whip for natural shine and touchable hold
  3. American Crew Fiber to thicken with high hold and low shine


More styling advice from Patrick: “Since texturized hair is so popular right now, I recommend using a styling product to emphasize wave patterns and combine it with heat to manipulate the hair. If the hair is naturally wavy, I always encourage the use of a diffuser attachment on a blowdryer.” Try it yourself!


Patrick created this look with Matte Clay Spray and a blowdryer:

Photo Courtesy of Patrick Chai


To style this center part + low taper + disconnection, Patrick simply applied a small amount of Whip:

Photo Courtesy of Patrick Chai


A touch of Fiber makes the crown pop on this slight disconnection:

Photo Courtesy of Patrick Chai
Photo Credit: Instagram via @mari.demonte
Photo Credit: Instagram via @doubleqnyc




Watch IGK Hair Director of Education Joel Torres (@joeltorresstyle) style this textured crop:

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Joel Torres Style – Tutorials (@joeltorresstyle)


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4. Modern pomp + effortless texture

According to John, younger generations are opting for cropped styles with longer tops that allow natural texture and movement—especially with pomps. Founder of Victory Barber & Brand™ and ARC™ Scissors Team Member Matty Conrad (@mattyconrad) agrees.


Here’s Matty signature styling routine for visible texture, soft separation and increased movement:


  1. Victory Barber & Brand™ PRIMER Volume & Texture Tonic: Spray a generous amount into damp or towel-dried hair, then allow to dry naturally for a subtle, perfectly messy finish—OR use a blowdryer to add serious power to that pomp. 
  2. Victory Barber & Brand™ SUPER-DRY: Work a small amount between your palms until soft, then apply to blow-dried hair for weightless texture and an effortless matte finish.


“It’s the male version of Beyoncé’s ‘I woke up like this.’ The style is effortless and has volume and movability,” Matty explains. The key to creating this soft separation and movement: The matte finish. “If the styling product has an oil-base, it can weigh the hair down which kills volume. Choosing a product like Super-Dry will amplify the volume and give the look a soft finish.”


Photo Courtesy of Matty Conrad
Photo Credit: Instagram via @yakuzabarber


Check out this sleek pomp by BaBylissPRO® educator Rachel Romero (@barberologist_):

Photo Credit: Instagram via @barberologist_
Photo Credit: instagram via @cjdabarber_


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5. Buzz cut + creative color

When you think of “buzzcut,” you might not immediately correlate the look with a serious styling. But this low maintenance style is rising with the temperatures—with a colorful twist. 


“As the summer approaches, I find that men are looking to chop their locks and be more creative with their hair color. Around this time, my male clients are more open to brighter and warmer colors ranging from yellow blonde to fiery red,” says L.A.-based stylist Kayla Casey (@kaylacasee). Her number one cut request: Buzz cuts with creative color.


Rather than styling, clients will need to upkeep their color with at-home color care and maintenance appointments.


“My favorite color currently is an “apricot blonde’ which gives yet a natural feel, with a touch of golden hues,” Kayla shares. “And if your client is feeling daring, they may want to lighten their beard as well!

Photo Courtesy of Kayla Casey


Creative color + buzzcut = match made in Heaven

Photo Credit: Instagram via @kaylacasee


Before a color service, Kayla always recommends deep conditioning your client’s hair with a treatment of K18 Hair Professional Molecular Repair Mask and of the Virtue® Restorative Treatment Mask.

Photo Credit: Instagram via @kaylacasee
Photo Credit: Instagram via @kaylacasee


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