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Last updated: October 16, 2018

WATCH: Long-Layered Dry-Cutting Technique

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We know you’ve heard the line, “I want something new but don’t remove any length,” from the long-haired clients in your chair. That’s why The Salon by InStyle’s Creative Director Dilek Onur-Taylor went live on BTC’s Facebook to show you a long-layered dry cut with seamless, “invisible” layers that are only pronounced when the hair is curled and styled (plus, it’s a total moneymaker!). Watch the full video how-to and get Dilek’s best tips below!



Get The Tips

1. “Wet hair lies and dry hair tells the truth,”shares Dilek. “When you are the specialist in dry cutting, it elevates your craft. You don’t have to charge more for a dry cut, but you can, especially if no one else is doing it.” This is a technique and not a specific haircut, so you can use it on any length hair.


2. Why cut dry? A dry cut is completely custom—specific to your client’s texture, density, color placement and head shape—so it can’t be recreated by anyone else. Plus, it’s a great way to debulk extensions and make them seamless because the cut creates natural movement and versatility.


3. When creating your guide at the crown for seamless layers, elevate the hair to 180 degrees and point-cut horizontally. Then, go back and slice with your shears, opening for a deeper point-cut and adding interior texture.


4. Using less tension helps the hair fall naturally, so create tension when you comb your sections but release it before you start point-cutting. Then, you can really see how your layering reacts with the rest of the hair.


5. Dilek recommends using longer shears for dry cutting. This allows you to take a deeper point-cut.


The finished look! 


Watch the full video how-to below!


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