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Last updated: December 18, 2023

2023’s Top 9 Hair Trends For Men

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Bleached Fades, ’90s Cuts & Shags: What’s Trending For Men This Year

In the words of Buffalo Bills barber Jesse Ciffa (@barber.chief), 2023 is the year of “anything goes” for men’s hair trends. With clients looking for both timeless and manageability, there’s been an influx of every haircut under the sun: Skin fades, mullets, texture—the list could go on. To help you keep track, we have complied the ultimate trend guide for every client’s taste and hair type, from messy, mused looks to cleaned-up cuts.


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1. The Leo

2023 is already sending us a clear message: The ’90s are back and here to stay. Don’t believe us? Check out “Ginny and Georgia” actor Felix Mallard‘s throwback layers and center part that pay homage to Leonardo DiCaprio‘s famous “Titanic” cut—or Sebastian Stan‘s layered undercut.


First things first, the original curtain cut trendsetter:

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Celebs are hopping on the Leo train:

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We’re loving these ’90s-style curtain bangs by charity barber Chase Henderson (@_backpackbarber). Read more about Chase’s life-changing journey as the Backpack Barber here!

Photo Credit: Instagram via @_backpackbarber


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2. Bleached-out fade

Looking for a foolproof way to elevate your client’s classic fade? Just add bleach! These perfectly bright, blended looks by BaBylissPRO® Barberology educators Carlos Estrella (@los_cut_it), Sofie Pok (@staygold31) and others will give fade addicts old and new a head-turning refresh. 


Fade cheat sheet:



Photo Credit: Instagram via @los_cut_it


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If your client is feeling especially bold, don’t be afraid to top your lightener with some color! Use Usher’s bright orange look for Paris Fashion week by Kayla Casey (@kaylacasee) for inspo!

Photo Credit: Instagram via @kaylacasee


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3. Piecey texture with fade

For fade clients who want to keep a little more of their hair on top, a chic tapered look with plenty of natural texture is the way to go. Think of it as the best of both worlds: Endlessly stylable strands on top and a clean, manageable cut underneath.


Photo Credit: Instagram via @titan_barber
Photo Credit: Instagram via @los_cut_it


Pat’s ‘CurlSponge’ look:

Photo Credit: Instagram via @patty_cuts
Photo Credit: Instagram via @kaylacasee
Photo Credit: Instagram via @badgirltaytay_


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4. A little ON the top

Do you have a client who can’t decide between chopping their hair or letting it grow? With this trendy chop, they can do both. Plus—whether they prefer braids, curls of long layersthis look can be dressed up or down to match any aesthetic. Sounds like a win-win to us!


Photo Credit: Instagram via @los_cut_it


Take a look at this style inspo from Men’s 2022 #ONESHOT winner Taylor Leven (@badgirltaytay_):

Photo Credit: Instagram via @scissor_ensemble


We’re loving this cool look by NFL & UFC barber Pat Regan (@patty_cuts) for NFL running back Alvin Kamara. Click here for five tips to gain pro athlete clientele!

Photo Credit: Instagram via @patty_cuts


Need inspiration? Watch this transformation by Mark Bustos (@markbustos):

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Not sure how to price these trimmed looks? Click here for eight crucial tips on booking and pricing shorter haircuts!


5. The horse tail

Not to be confused with ponytail, the ‘horse tail’ is the mullet’s rugged older brother. This look is longer, bolder and more voluminous—it’s meant to catch eyes! If that sounds like what your client is asking for, keeping scrolling for some killer inspo pics.


Send your clients home with these styling cheats:



Photo Credit: Instagram via @cjdabarber_
Photo Credit: Instagram via @los_cut_it
Photo Credit: Instagram via @titan_barber
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Watch Camilie (@thefrenchkakkerlak) create this iconic look on rainbow curls:

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6. Midlength natural texture

While neat, trimmed looks are on the rise, messy ‘skater’ hair will ever go out of style. Whether your client has shaggy layers, s-waves or curls, this cut is meant to look lived-in—perfect for clients who love the just-rolled-out-of-bed aesthetic. Plus, it’s easy to style, meaning your client will still look great between appointments.


Pro tip: Get the perfect salty, wind-swept look with GRIT Hair Styling Powder from Victory Barber & Brand™! Why? It’s owner Matty Conrad-approved: “This super-powered styling powder gives some serious lift to tired, limp locks and light flexible hold with an ultra-matte finish.”


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Already having an influx of long-haired clients? Learn educator Kevin Luchmun (@kevinluchmun)’s full textured midlength barbering technique at BTC-U! Check out the trailer below:


7. The Edgar

We’re all familiar with the classic bowl cut. But the edgy and modern ‘Edgar’ cut takes this cherished look to new heights with a strategic fade on the sides and in the backand a blunt edge between the top and sides for a more striking result.


Did we mention the Edgar cut can be paired with other trendy favorites—the mullet, the horse tail, ducktail, etc.— for clients who just can’t choose one look? It can!


This Edgar cut by ARC™ Scissors team member Matty is serving up major hair envy:

Photo Credit: Instagram via @mattyconrad


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Photo Credit: Instagram via @victorybarbers


Who could say no to this iconic Chuck Bass-inspired look by @coiffeurstory?

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Plot twist: Combine two trends into one with this horse tail-Edgar combo by IGK Director of Education Joel Torres (@joeltorresstyle):

Photo Credit: Instagram via @joeltorresstyle


8. Pouf & swoop

Is your client looking for the perfect mix of classy and sassy? A tried and true pompadour hairstyle is your solution. This bold, voluminous look can be adapted to most lengths, textures and face shapes, making it a worthy candidate for any client trying to add elegance to their everyday look.


Pro tip: For a more modern vibe, add a slight fade to the sides!


Trend cheat sheet:



Photo Credit: Instagram via @mattyconrad


Want more looks by Matty? Check out his Beards, Barbering & Men’s Grooming course at BTC University!


Check out Chase’s before and after:

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Photo Credit: Instagram via @titan_barber
Photo Credit: Instagram via @barber.chief
Photo Credit: Instagram via @mattyconrad


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9. Disconnected undercuts

No cut says “edgy” much like the disconnected undercut. This bold, artful look keeps the difference between the crown and the sides noticeable and even emphasized—almost like a haircut within a haircut! The only thing your clients need to worry about is maintenance; make sure to have them book ahead for a trim so their undercut stays  sharp.


Photo Credit: Instagram via @kevinluchmun
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Photo Credit: Instagram via @kevinluchmun
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