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Last updated: April 29, 2022

5 Things You SHOULD Know How To Do

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5 Things You’re Missing In The Salon (And How To Start Doing Them!)

Could you be losing clients because you haven’t perfected crucial in-salon techniques? It’s possible…but we have the solution.


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1. How To Save Dimension

Over-foiling causing your “dimensional blondes” to just be…well…totally blonde? Learn how to transition clients to high-contrast brondes with depth and dimension using cool blonde and warm brown tones with @coloredbycaitlin. She teaches exactly how to foil, avoid lines of demarcation and create blends. Plus, she discusses how to formulate lowlight tones when you need to repigment the hair while lowlighting!


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2. High-Impact Foil Placement

“To highlight everything is to highlight nothing,” @the.blonde.chronicles says. WE AGREE—so learn smart foil placement strategies that save TIME and have HUGE impact! Carly teaches her signature foil placement strategies, including how using different angles creates different results, plus her secrets for avoiding warmth at the root and harsh lines. This best-selling class has it ALL!


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3. How To Cut A Clean Perimeter

Bob perimeters jumping up, looking too angled or just simply messy? Bob cutting expert @chrisjones_hair has your answers. He has secrets for removing bulk and achieving a sleek, clean perimeter, then uses his customized technique for texturizing to achieve his signature soft, blunt bob. If your bobs are more “can I speak to the manager” and not as chic as your clients want, you NEED this class.


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4. A Dent-Free Silk Press

The dreaded DENT in a silk press is a client-losing mistake. Learn how to avoid it with this class from silk press expert @johnwgeorge! He spilled his secrets to avoid unwanted dents at the root, achieving consistency in the silk press, and creating long-lasting volume and body. He also shares the biggest silk press mistakes—and how to avoid them. If you’ve ever wanted to perfect the silk press, this is the class for you!


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5. How To Cut The Perfect Shag Fringe

The shag cut is EVERYWHERE right now…but many stylists are super intimidated to try it. Learn how to perfect the technique—including the ALL-IMPORTANT fringe—with @rachelwstylist’s signature shag cutting technique. This shag queen spills EVERY trick she has to create coveted, shagadelic cuts, texturizing techniques, client consultation tips, when to cut dry versus wet and even more! If you struggle with shags, this 90-minute course is for you!


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