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Last updated: October 08, 2018

Harry Josh’s 3 Blowout Secrets For Sleek Texture

Celebrity Stylist Harry Josh Blowout Techniques
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3 Easy Blowout Techniques For Sleek Texture
Want to achieve a sleek blowout and silky finish without a flat iron? We’ve got you. Celeb stylist Harry Josh (@harryjoshhair) is known for his A-list clientele—names like Gisele Bündchen, Cindy Crawford, Gwyneth Paltrow and all the Victoria’s Secret models—so he’s a pro at creating supermodel-worthy blowouts. That’s why we’re sharing three of Harry’s best tips for achieving smooth texture (no other tools necessary!). Check them out below!



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1. Section Blowouts Like This

Clean sectioning will ensure smooth results, and Harry always starts his blowouts by dividing the hair into quadrants and clipping each section away. Within each quadrant, the amount and density of hair should determine how many subsections are needed.


Pro Tip: For sleek texture, Harry uses the narrow nozzle attachment on the Harry Josh® Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000—this will help achieve a sleek and polished finish. The wide nozzle attachment works better for fine-haired clients who want lift and an airy finish.


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2. Try This Unexpected Tool

Harry’s secret to a smooth blowout? Skip the round brush and use a Harry Josh® Pro Tools Premium Oval Brush. First, run the brush through the section to detangle. Then, hover the nozzle half an inch above the section and direct the airflow on the dryer downward, brushing and passing through each section.


Celebrity Stylist Harry Josh Blowout TechniquesYoutube via


3. Want Bounce? Use This Dryer Cheat

If your client wants a little more volume and lift in their blowout, blow-dry using a round brush. Section the hair the same as a sleek blowout, but utilize the cool shot button to direct cool airflow throughout the hair for a bouncier result.


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