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Last updated: August 12, 2019

Coach Your Client: The Perfect Blowout

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5 Things To Help Your Client Perfect The At-Home Blowout

The blowout is one style that clients desperately try to recreate at home, which is why we think it’s important to teach them how it’s done. Not only will it increase loyalty but your guest is bound to talk about her new go-to styling technique (hello free advertising!). Oh, and celeb stylist Harry Josh (@harryjoshhair) totally teaches his clientele, which includes Irina Shayk and Gisele Bündchen, and he’s sharing how to coach clients through perfecting the at-home blowout. Keep reading!


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1. Show Her How It’s Done

The best way to start the process is to show her how it’s done. Section the hair into quadrants first and then start the blowout, stopping once half the head is dry. As you work, you’ll want to explain why you’re doing what you’re doing. Talk about your technique, share your best tips and recommend the products she’ll need at home. 


Watch Harry’s Technique In The Video Below


2. Recommend The Right Tools

To recreate the perfect blowout at-home, your clients will need three tools—a blow dryer (duh), a round brush and a paddle or oval brush. Harry likes to recommend his Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000 because it dries in half the time. “The motor is so powerful that it blows air at 80+ mph, so it dries hair twice as fast,” shares Harry. “You’ll spend less time blowing heat over the same sections of hair, which means less damage and way less energy.” As for brushes, some of Harry’s go-tos are the Harry Josh Pro Tools Round Brush and Premium Oval Brush.


3. Breakdown The 3 Things That Make A Good Blowout

“Heat, clean sections and tension are key for getting a smooth blowout,” shares Harry. Here are some tips to share with clients to ensure she masters all three at home: 

  • Divide the hair into quadrants and work with only 1-inch sections at a time.


  • Have a solid grip on the round brush, set the dryer on the highest heat and speed setting and use the narrow nozzle attachment for complete control of where the heat is being directed.


  • Lay the round brush under the hair as if you’re brushing it from underneath, then start drying at the roots and slowly make your way down to the ends for a smooth result.


Harry Josh @harryjoshhair Coach Your Client The Perfect Blowout Blow Dry Blow Drying How To Article At Home Blowout


  • The blow dryer should be facing downward in the direction of the hair cuticle and hovering above the brush, as close as possible without touching the brush. Harry says this saves time because she won’t have any stray hairs to fix at the end.


  • Wrap the hair back up and go over it again with the cold shot to boost the shine.


4. Don’t Forget About The Ends


Harry Josh @harryjoshhair Coach Your Client The Perfect Blowout Blow Dry Blow Drying How To Article At Home Blowout


Your client wants to blow her hair out and walk out the door. She doesn’t want the extra step of having to go back in with a flat iron to smooth out certain sections. So here’s what Harry tell his clients (and your clients will love you for sharing this secret): Grab a large section of hair and position the Premium Oval Brush underneath it. Then, set the Pro Dryer 2000 on the max heat setting and focus the nozzles on the bristles as you glide through the ends, creating a sleek, straight result.


5. Now It’s Her Turn

You’ve showed her your blowout technique, shared your best tips and talked all things tools. Now, it’s time for her to give it a try! As she attempts to blow-dry her hair, be sure to correct her when needed. That way, she’s aware of what she’s doing wrong and will have an easier time recreating it at home when you’re not there to coach her.



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