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Last updated: September 18, 2018

7 Tips To Success From Your Favorite Celebrity Stylists

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Inspirational Quotes & Advice From Top Celebrity Stylists 
Talk about squad goals…the celebrity panel at THE BTC SHOW 2018 was our biggest EVER. From stories that will truly inspire you to pursue your biggest dreams to social media tips that Kim K would approve of (and everything in between!), these celebrity artists shared it all.


That’s why we’re rounding up some of our fave quotes from this OMG-worthy lineup:

  • Chris Appleton (@chrisappleton1)
  • Adir Abergel (@hairbyadir)
  • Harry Josh (@harryjoshhair)
  • Tom Bachik (@tombachik)
  • Kristan Serafino (@serafinosays)
  • Andrew Fitzsimons (@andrewfitzsimons) and
  • Anh Co Tran (@anhcotran)


Keep scrolling, screenshot your favorites and save ‘em for a little breakroom motivation.


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1. Have A Goal & Strut Toward It

Before Andrew became a Jenner-Kardashian go-to for glam, he hustled toward his dreams, all the way from Ireland to America! “Sometimes if I couldn’t afford the subway, I would walk from Bushwick to the Upper East Side (over the bridge and in the rain!) for two and a half hours with my kit,” shares Andrew.


“It didn’t bother me because I was walking somewhere,” Andrew reminded himself. “I was walking to get somewhere and I’m going somewhere.” And Andrew’s intrinsic motivation to reach his goals remains today. “I still have that little advocate that tells me to, ‘Just go! You’re gonna get somewhere.’”



2. Instagram Is Your Portfolio

When you’re the biggest celebrity nail artist in Hollywood, you can’t be everywhere at once. “I have clients who travel all over the world asking me for recommendations in every city,” shares Tom. His biggest problem? Sometimes Tom will recommend a nail artist but when the client goes to check out their Instagram, it’s not an accurate representation of the quality of their work. “It’s really important to build your page as a portfolio that represents who you are, what you offer and what you’re passionate about.”



3. People Are Always Looking, So Impress Them!

How did Chris Appleton become Kim Kardashian West, J. Lo and Ariana Grande’s go-to hairdresser?! “When I first got the job in LA I didn’t have Kim or J.Lo following me, so when I got the call I wondered how they knew about me,” shares Chris. “Then J.Lo told me she had her eye on me for awhile—people look on Instagram and are intrigued to see how these new looks are happening.” Chris’ biggest piece of advice? “For those of you feeling unnoticed, don’t think that people aren’t looking!”



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4. You CAN Have It All

“Post what you want to attract,” advises BTC’s Founder and Creative Director Mary Rector-Gable. That’s exactly what Anh Co Tran and Johnny Ramirez (@johnnyramirez) did when building the celebrity-favorite Ramirez Tran Salon.


“Create a signature look and then continuously recreate it,” recommends Anh. “We were building that salon from scratch, so then we infiltrated the internet with our signature look and people started to recognize that.” You can aim to be a successful salon owner and celebrity stylist at the same time. “It’s always a juggle but you can do it,” shares Anh.



5. Find Your One-Trick Pony

Whether it’s beachy waves, snatched ponies or the lived-in look, many successful stylists get their start by mastering a signature look. “I wouldn’t have a career if I didn’t have a one-trick pony,” shared Harry Josh. “I was sleeping on couches when Vogue wrote about the haircolor I did on supermodel Gisele Bündchen—which is now called ombré—that I was doing in my bathroom.” Harry’s one trick? He styled Gisele’s hair into a tousled waves, paired with a beachy ombré and that specific look defined his career.


6. Do Your Research, Stay Inspired & Make It Your Own 

“Keep the people that you want around you and don’t be scared if you lose a client or a friend because at the end of the day you get what you need in this lifetime if you’re authentic,” shares Adir. “Do great work and be inspired. Focus on your craft and make sure you get better. Know your references because it’s hard to pull from just what you know—then make it your own.”



7. Use Nos As Your Motivation

“I’ve had so many times where people say to me, ‘Oh, you’re so lucky,’” shares Kristan. “No, I work my ass off! Nothing has come to me by way of luck but determination, hard work and sacrifice. I can’t tell you how many continuous nos I get, how many holds I get released from—but I keep continuing and that’s what makes me successful.”



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