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Last updated: September 25, 2017

4 Celeb Stylists Spill Their Secrets at BTC “On Tour”

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From left: Mary Rector-Gable, Kevin Givens, Sarah Potempa, Danny Moon, Dominick Serna and Justin Anderson.


Because we hosted BTC “On Tour” 2017 in Tinseltown, it only made sense to bring together some of the biggest celebrity stylists (to stars like Jennifer Aniston, Miley Cyrus, Zoe Kravitz and Lea Michele) to spill the deets on their celeb clientele. So BTC’s Founder and Creative Director Mary Rector-Gable and BTC’s Social Media Director Kevin Givens invited Sarah Potempa, Danny Moon, Dominick Serna and Justin Anderson to the “On Tour” stage to share their best tips for how to make it big in the celebrity styling, cutting and coloring biz. Here are some of the best truth bombs dropped at the Orpheum Theatre in LA. 


Katy’s (Accidental?!) Pixie
Justin (@justinandersoncolor) spilled all his secrets about Katy Perry’s most recent makeover—her dramatic platinum pixie. “Her hair was fried, so I had to be honest,” he said. “I told her, ‘I want to work with you, but I don’t want to be the one to fry your hair off!'” He used 10-volume on a test strand and…the hair FELL OUT. “I was shaking,” Justin said. “I wanted to run to my car and drive home.” But the story has a happy ending: Katy knew the risk because of Justin’s communication and loved the idea of rocking a chic pixie.



 Stay True To Your Brand
Danny (@majormoonn), revealed that he does, in fact, do natural haircolor, but he said Mary, as well as his colleagues at Ramirez | Tran Salon, urged him to stick with the conceptual rainbow color that’s become a part of his brand and personality, and it’s paid off! His wildly successful Major Moonshine glitter gel and graffiti spray color lets him experiment on anyone. “I still want to connect with people who don’t want to make this color a lifestyle,” he said. “People can still experience the positive feeling of wearing color or being a crazy rave kid in their own way.” 



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Sarah With The Assist!
Sarah, aka @sarahpotempa, shared some advice for making it in the freelance styling world: contact the agencies that represent hair and makeup artists and offer to assist. “That’s how I started,” she revealed. “That’s how I got to assist Bob Recine and Danilo and how I was able to get signed.” 



Free Marketing
Social media sensation Dominick (@domdomhair), who has more than 220,000 followers on Instagram, is clearly a fan of the social media platform. “It’s free marketing!” he says. “If you’re not using it, you’re blowing it. And it’s easy. You don’t even have to use a fancy camera—I use my iPhone. Just make sure you clean the lens!” Another reason Dominick stands out? He doesn’t only post the sexy, finished shot. Dom is known for providing his followers with useful in-process tips and tutorials, frequently sharing hairdressing secrets with his loyal fan base. “You give it all away,” Kevin told Dom. And clearly it’s working. 


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