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Last updated: February 03, 2022

5 Blowout Cheats You Need To Know

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Blowouts: 5 Fast Cheats From Styling Experts

2021 is officially the year of the blowout—and this is pretty amazing news! Here’s why: Whether a client prefers natural volume or a big bouncy ’90s supermodel blowout, you now have the opportunity to customize styling services that you can charge for. That’s why we’re sharing five smart styling cheats to achieve the perfect blowout on any client. Keep scrollin’ to read the tips and watch quickie tutorials!


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1. Blowout Cheat For Natural Lift

For clients with finer hair that falls flat, we love this quickie from Christi Piontkowski (@knoxvillebridalhair)! To create natural lift around the face, section out the front section and prep the roots with Moroccanoil® Volumizing Mist for natural volume that won’t weigh hair down.  


Hit the front section with a blow-dryer in every direction, working side to side to work out the natural part. Finish with the cool shot, let it cool and unwind the round brush for the perfect natural swoop.


Watch How It’s Done Below!

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2. Rollers Are Back… Try This!

So, now that you know how to get natural lift—let’s break down how to get 2021’s favorite blowout, the bouncy face-frame! Follow Christi’s simple steps and watch the tutorial below.


  1. Prep with Moroccanoil® Volumizing Mist at the roots and blow-dry the hair upside down. Let it cool before flipping it back!
  2. Use a round-brush and blow-dryer, overdirecting each section for maximum lift.
  3. Pop a Velcro roller in each section while the hair cools.


Watch The Full Tutorial Below!

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3. Do This For A Smooth Finish

We know you’ve heard this before: The best way to get referrals is easy—send clients out the salon door with a look their friends are sure to ask about. That’s why Kelley Brandon (@kelleyscanvas) finishes color services with a smoothing product and blowout. Her go-tos are combining Moroccanoil® Smoothing Lotion and Moroccanoil® Treatment Light together. The duo is lightweight, but also gives a strong hold to protect against humidity.


Check Out The Before & After Below!

Instagram via @kelleyscanvas


4. Fast Waves: Cheat Sheet

We love a simplified breakdown that makes us rethink the way we approach regular styling routines—like this fast waves how-to from Samantha Harman (@samanthasbeautyconfession)!



Practice Makes Perfect: Watch the video below and follow along step-by-step!

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How-To Steps For Fast Waves

  • Formulate: Cocktail Moroccanoil® Hydrating Styling Cream + Moroccanoil® Treatment Light for moisture. Samantha prefers the light treatment on blondes because it won’t weigh the hair down or tint the color.


  • Curl Technique: Section the hair in a halo and prep with Moroccanoil® Dry Texture Spray. Starting at the top of the section, curl everything away from the face with a 1.25-inch curling iron.


  • Remember This: Leave the iron on the hair for 3 seconds. Then, tap the clamp to loosen as you slide it out—making sure you don’t unclamp the iron!


  • Curl Direction: Alternate the curl direction in the back. Once you reach the section in front of the ear, curl everything away from the face.


  • Finishing: Allow the curls to set. Rub Moroccanoil® Mending Infusion on your hands and rake through the curls with your fingers. Then, use a brush to pull the curls apart.


Pro Tip: How To Prep Waves

Styling starts at the shampoo bowl. That’s why @kelleyscanvas conditions with Moroccanoil® Extra Volume Conditioner to hydrate the hair without weighing it down. Check out the finished look below!


5. Short On Time? Here’s A Fast Cheat!

Don’t skip out on styling just because a client needs to get out of your chair FAST. For quick texture, Christi suggests letting the products do most of the work. Follow these three fast steps to get the job done!


  1. Quickly curl random sections in alternating directions with the Moroccanoil® Perfectly Polished Titanium Flat Iron. Save time by skipping sections and not clipping the hair up.
  2. Add grip and lift with Moroccanoil® Dry Texture Spray.
  3. Finish with Moroccanoil® Luminous Hairspray Strong. “This [hairspray] is no joke and where you spray, it will stay,” says Christi. Lift sections and spray underneath for maximum volume.


Watch The Tutorial Below!

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