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Last updated: June 21, 2018

Watch: 3 Tips To Volumize Fine Strands

Watch: 3 Tips To Volumize Fine Strands Lena Piccinini Styling Treatment NIOXIN Blowout
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Build Volume With These Treatments, Blowouts & Styling Tips
Struggling to build volume on fine-haired and color-treated clients? We feel you—that’s why we’re sharing tips and videos that break down how to make fine, damaged hair appear thicker and more voluminous. From the shampoo bowl to the blowout, scroll through to snag tips and tools from BTC Team Member Lena Piccininni (@lena_piccininni). Then, watch two quickie video how-tos that show complete transformations!


1. Direction Is Key—Here Are 3 Volumizing Blowout Tips!

  1. Overdirect every section as you blow-dry and use light tension. 
  2. Direct the hair in the opposite way of your client’s natural part. Then, flip the hair back to its normal part to create additional lift.
  3. Elevate the hair straight out at a 90-degree angle and apply heat to encourage volume in the blowout.


Pro Tip: Protect strands against damage by prepping hair with a thermal protectant. Lena recommends NIOXIN Therm Activ Protector to promote shine and health. 


2. But First, Always Prep With The Right Products

Creating fullness starts at the shampoo bowl and Lena recommends always using the NIOXIN 3-Part Systems on fine-haired and thinning clients. Watch the videos below to see two complete transformations, then see how Lena determined different systems for one color-treated client and another lightly-thinning client.


Products Used


Quickie Video #1: Color-Treated & Fine Hair

At The Bowl: Lena used NIOXIN System 4 because her client has color-treated, fine strands. After completing this system, Lena was able to achieve thicker, fuller-looking hair while restoring the moisture balance.



Quickie Video #2: Chemically-Treated with Light Thinning

At The Bowl: Lena used NIOXIN System 5 because her client has chemically-treated hair with light thinning. This complete system helped Lena increase fullness and add moisture to revive her strands. It also provided color protection during the blowout and styling. 


3. Use This Tool For Styling

Struggling to hold curls on fine-haired clients? “I use a wand instead of a curling iron,” recommends Lena. “If the curl drops a little with the wand, it will still have the same spiral shape and appear both full and bouncy!”



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